Cody Beck

Posted on : 03-09-2011 | By : mama bear | In : Deadbeat Dads, Texas


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Drug user, alcoholic and dead bead.
three sons, and mine he’s shun.
Can’t support himself nor three children, which come from three different women.
Tube cleaner at Studio 8 tattoos in Houston off westeimer. Nice job seeing your in your mid 30’s no artistic abilities and spawned three boys.
He claims to place his children first, yet hasn’t seen my son for more than three hours. My son is almost a year old come Sept. 2011.
He has avoided being served for child support will more than likely do the same to sign his rights over. I do have a dna test to prove he is my son’s sperm bank donor.
In all honesty I’m tired of fighting, been working since my child was 2 months old to support him. I’m broke, exhausted but glad my son doesn’t have to look up to a degenerate as a role model.

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