Crandall Head: Starting Position- Deadbeat

Posted on : 24-09-2010 | By : Mystery | In : Deadbeat Dads


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This guy is automatically, hands down, deadbeat dad of the year. He has a beautiful 5 month old daughter, that is also a contracted baby model, that he takes no responsibility for.

He has not done one thing for the little one since she has been born and didnt even come to the hospital to see her. When the child is around him and his family he completely ignores her while everyone else adores her. He has yet to even hold the baby!
The mother has sacraficed college dreams of going away and works hard just to make ends meet for her and her child while he completely ignores the situation and wants nothing to do with his child.

Crandall feels as if he is an celebrity and can do no wrong since his brother is in the NBA and he plays college basketball for the University of Illinois.
His family and everyone around are very ashamed and disgusted by his actions.

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girl this no good ass fathers make me sick to my stomach….its ok tho we can make it as single parents to….do you have a fb or twitter??

Im actually her sister..but email me n i’ll give u here contact..

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