Crappiest Dad of the Year Award goes to Steve Patrick

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Such a crappy way to abandon his then 11 year old daughter, so Steve Patrick is the Crappiest Dad of the Year for 2010 & 2011.

He lived with us in Texas the last 3 1/2 years RENT FREE, but it meant that he was there everyday when his daughter came home from school. What we didn’t know was he had created another identity and for the last 6 months of 2010 was having an ONLINE relationship with somebody in the Phillipines. He left Texas Dec 29,2010 and said he was taking vacation and going to GA to see his grown son from a previous marriage.
He never returned. (He literally left for a new life with a new woman with her own 11 year old). He wouldn’t return my daughter’s calls, but she found him on facebook and he was in the Phillipines about to get remarried for the 4th time! He quit his job of 5 years with Best Buy which left our daughter with no insurance–even though she is ADHD and her Concerta cost over $200 a month. He is thousands of dollars in arrears (we initially divorced in 2001)–probably 30,000K + medical $$ and now I have to carry “family” insurance, even though my insurance would be free.
My daughter was quarantined in the Little Rock hospital for 3 days last month and I left “Crappiest Dad of the Year” a VM with her room number and telephone number. He NEVER even called back to check on her.
Oh BTW, he is in Georgia now probably living with his sister and it is though his now 12 year daughter doesn’t exist. His facebook page says he is busy filling out paperwork so his new wife can come to the US!Would have been better to ignore his daughter all her life than to abandon her at 11! What a loser!!!
I have a court order from Gwinnett county for child support, but have no idea where he works. he is so in Contempt of court, but anybody with no feelings for his daughter obviously isn’t worried about a court order requiring him to pay child support, 1/2 the medical expenses, provide the insurance, notify me of a new address, provide his new employer a copy of his court order.
Oh, this crappiest Dad of the year is almost 58 years old, and when I married him in 1996, I actually paid his child support (or made sure it was paid–since we both worked for a Fortune 100 company at the time) and we even tried to get custody of his son. He never missed a child support payment to his 2nd ex-wife and my child support was initally reduced because he was already supporting a child from a different relationship.

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By The Way Karol Watson Patrick ! U forgot to mention that u were having sex w/ him when he was Married & Got Pregnant on Purpose. I think I’ll post this to everyone u know!!!!! If u hate him so much Change Ur Name…Drop The” Patrick” Name!

You need to check the definition of defamation–it can be dealt with as a crime! If you choose to post a bunch of lies about me there will be legal consequences.

I presented theTRUTH about Steve which I can support in any court of law and you threaten me with a bunch of lies. You do what you need to–maybe catch up his child support or pay his daughter’s medical?? You are her aunt.

First and foremost–what do any of your lies have to do with Steve not paying child support? not providing medical insurance, not paying medical bills and ABANDONING his daughter?

Secondly, not that it is any of your business, I didn’t sleep with Steve while he was married and had nothing to do with him until he came to me and confessed his love for me–yes we did work together in an office with 75 people and had not spoken to each other more than once or twice in a year. He had already left Bonnie, and then and only then did we start any relationship.

thirdly I didn’t “get pregnant on purpose”. We married 2/14/1996 (I was 36 and he was 41–we aren’t kids that don’t know what causes pregnancy)and we NEVER used birth control the entire time we were married because we wanted to get pregnant.
I visited a specialist at some point (because I hadn’t gotten pregnant and was told I would need to have further testing done to find out why I wasn’t getting pregnant–I never did check it out–just kept doing what we had been doing). Surprise to both of us, I found out I was pregnant Oct 9, 1998 and Sydney was born June 1, 1999. The timing of my pregnancy might not have been perfect, but it was NOT planned. it just happened the way nature intended.

Fourth, my feelings for Steve have NOTHING to do with the fact he is not supporting his daughter. I let him move in with us in Texas for 3 1/2 years–so (even though we divorced in 2001).

Fifth, people with children don’t usually change their last name when they divorce. I have a daughter with that last name that I am raising — and it is about 99.9% standard that you have the same last name when there are kids involved.

Get your facts straight and get your brother to man up and support his daughter!

Karol Watson Patrick

Sorry if I was misinformed.
Stop telling people that he lives with me, because he does not.
The $$$ problems are between you and him.

Why do I get the feeling that Gpm is so used to defending Steve, that regardless of the pathetic facts, it is like second nature to do so? This is not about Karol and Steve. Steve did not abandon Karol. Steve abandoned his eleven year old daughter. He told his daughter he was going on a trip to Georgia and would return in two weeks. Rather than sit down and tell his daughter that he was leaving to begin a new life and would not be returning, he chose to lie instead. He put his own selfish needs and wants above those of his child, and no parent with half a heart would be able to do what he did. Steve has not made any sort of arrangements or any attempt to provide for Sydney’s support in any way. How could anyone defend that? It is apparent that Steve was going through some sort of a mid life crisis and simply shunned any and all responsibilities that pertained to his family. His daughter Sydney is the one most affected by his actions and the only one who should warrant any concern. Maybe it takes a parent to fully understand, but her well being is the only thing that should matter to anyone, and blaming Karol for any part of this is insane. Instead of pointing fingers, maybe Gpm as a relative of Sydney’s, should be asking herself what she can do to help. Not only have Steve’s impulsive and dishonest actions created a financial hardship and/or burden on Karol, they will most likely create long term emotional affects on Sydney. So perhaps if anyone feels the need to see Steve as some sort of a victim in all of this, whose actions are worthy of defending, then that person may need to inject a bit of objectivity into their opinion. Or maybe, just maybe, try to imagine all of this from a parent’s point of view. Just saying.


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