Crappy Dad of the Year!!!

Posted on : 17-09-2011 | By : 4sydie | In : Deadbeat Dads, Missouri


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Hi! I would like to introduce you to Crappy Dad of the year. This picture features Crappy Dad of the year in his mug shot. This mug shot was taken in 2007 when he was arrested for beating his current wife (I’m the one that got away).
Other than beating on his current wife his other hobbies include:
Owing over $7,000 in child support
Cheating on his wife and girlfriends
Driving on an expired license for the last 10 years
Getting DUI’s
And denying his daughter the kind of father that she deserves to have
Crappy Dad of the year has not been in contact with his daughter since October of 2010 and before that it was a year and a half since he saw her last. He has a beautiful 13 year old daughter that fortunately is nothing like him. Yet she is still his daughter, always will be and deserves to receive the support that she is supposed to be getting.
He’s a catch, isn’t he?

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I feel your pain! My ex is over 20,000 behind. My case was sent to prosecuting attorney. He went to jail for his 7th DUI and had court for his non support case while in jail for the DUI. They waived all the fees and gave him 120 days in jail with credit for time served for punishment for not paying child support in 7 years. The time served was for his DUI. Now courts are sending case back to my local cs office. He has so much money he received when his dad died to the tune of almost a million that he put in his sisters name so that he wouldn’t have to pay a measly 335 a month in cs for 2 boys. He’s such a loser!! I’m afraid to post his pic up on this site in fear of retaliation if he or his family were ever to see it

@4sydie I’m a television producer taping a show on deadbeat dads next week. I’d love to talk to you about your story. You can reach me at 212.419.7413. Thanks! Hope to hear from you.


Hi! My name is Denise, I am a TV producer in LA. I would love to talk to you about what’s going on. Please call me at 323-451-2446 Thank you so much!

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