Credrick Purnell Williams (Cedrick)

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This is Credrick Williams, he goes by Cedrick Williams because he once told me, “he was ashamed of his birth name.” As far as I know he has 5 children (including mine). I don’t know if he does for the other four children, but he doesn’t even acknowledge my daughter as his. I even gave him a DNA test and he still denies being her father. The truth is he is angry because I won’t be his girlfriend any more. So he thinks by denying my child will make me suffer. The only thing he is doing is insurring himself some back pay and/or jail time. He is still making babies, and not taking responsability for his children. He is an abusive man with anger issues. He can’t hold down a job because he keeps failing drug test.

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Ugh! Just disgusting. You let him do that to your child? And you still there? Better you than me, cause he wouldn’t puss out that shit. In asking my child right now if he ever did anything to her. I’m calling the police right now on y’all unfit asses

Brandy you quite know. You over there celebrating. Let’s talk about these charges you put on my brother.. hello are u there slut puppy?

Bitch you on here with all this fake shit. When have you ever kept your children clean hoe. Bitch your child hair was matted in the rubber bands I had to cut that shit out. Calling my niece pissy bitch u a lie that’s how u keep your kids. Bitch u never left him. Bitch u was in the shelter several times with your kids hoe. On here with all them lies. None of your kids are on the honor roll dummy

Stop hiding behind a computer because all the shit on here is irrelevant to me nothing but rumors talking shit you don’t know gurl I’m over here partying me and him laughing at y’all clown ass I’m glad you’re taking the time to worry about me because I damn sure ain’t worried about you when I’m out here getting this paper Lmao tired childish whores I’m at work getting my money train up and you sitting behind a computer worrying about how I live my life damn I’m that important smh

Gurl my kids don’t need shit from you them little rags you brought them I threw gave that to good will over there hating because I do dress my kids because if I didn’t you wouldn’t even be on here with this shit And I don’t sit on here all day you know we’re we live come here so I can dog pound your fat ass and no I’m not coming back on here so both of y’all talking shit to yourselves like I said stop talking shit on here and come to my resident and see what happens to your scary ass now I’m done with your petty ass stop trying to run your brothers life and get you a life find you a man to live with and get out that filthy dog smelling house Gurl I was scared to sit on that nasty toilet if the people on here knew us in person they would know who the real nasty ones is come for me on Facebook not on here and in person or better yet be bold enough to call our phones you where calling Saturday with mess that’s why he didn’t answer gurl bye we getting this money and enjoying our new baby that’s all that matters to me anyway because you don’t get off here and come for me in person because sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt just like that get from behind that phone and come for me in person scary pussy ass bitch scary pussy ass bitch I’m done with your tired nasty ass you ack like you wanna fuck your own brother the way you all up in his business

Brandy them kids stay filthy and nasty. Yeah u threw the shit away kmsl.. why I have the pictures with them in the stuff. Nothing I said was lies. Explain why I had to get him out of jail. What was his charges? Let’s talk about that. You talking about everything but that. Bitch if I did know where y’all live u would piss all over yourself. U right I need to get me a man to beat the shit out of me and rape my child. I wanna be just like u honey. Yes I still stay with my momma and pay all her bills. Bitch you and your momma homeless. Y’all don’t own shit and bitch u never had a job. Your man even talks about how he has to flip the mattress and make u bath. Bitch how many times u was in a shelter. Come by bitch u know how to find me better yet send me the address. Again why was Cedrick in jail when I bonded him out. Let’s discuss it please

Bitch my dogs are cleaner than you… bitch talking about a toilet teach your children how to use one. Bitch u sad me wanting to fuck my brother. I wouldn’t fuck him with a dead pussy. Yes he answered that phone when I called like I told him ass long ass he with you. He has 2 dead sisters not one. What u don’t know my brother text me all the time telling me how much he loves me. I refuse to have anything to do with him bc of you. Long ass I have nieces and nephews out there that he is not taking care of bc of u. I wash my hands with him. Keep being his cum rag hoe and keep letting him rape your daughter

Bitch let’s talk about how your 14 yo daughter went to school and child protection was there questioning her let’s have that discussion.

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