Credrick Purnell Williams (Cedrick)

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This is Credrick Williams, he goes by Cedrick Williams because he once told me, “he was ashamed of his birth name.” As far as I know he has 5 children (including mine). I don’t know if he does for the other four children, but he doesn’t even acknowledge my daughter as his. I even gave him a DNA test and he still denies being her father. The truth is he is angry because I won’t be his girlfriend any more. So he thinks by denying my child will make me suffer. The only thing he is doing is insurring himself some back pay and/or jail time. He is still making babies, and not taking responsability for his children. He is an abusive man with anger issues. He can’t hold down a job because he keeps failing drug test.

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My child’s father Jermel Mayers is also still making children. He’s on his 12th with his fifth baby mother. He’s a 34 year old from Brooklyn. He don’t take care of our three year old daughter and only saw her twice. He don’t work so he don’t have to pay child support. Jermel Mayers need to man up and take care of responsibilities.

Hey, My name is Jen and I am going through the same thing. I am a single parent and get nothing from my baby’s father. I also work in the TV industry for CBS television. We are doing a show on deadbeat dads. If you are interested or know anyone that is please give me a call at 347-974-1641. Thanks Jen

You sluts stop harassing this man. He be hard, working his entire live for children. Yes, children. You look the word “father” in the encyclopedia, you’ll see his face.

@JackBoot… learn proper grammar before you call anyone out of their name… (live) for children…You must be a dead beat, also.. This man is just a sperm donor…no a father..get it sorry excuse for anything.

I know him, his name is not as stated. If you want more info on who he is and where to locate him, send me a message it will go to my email

To Jack Boot,
This BOY, is a lazy BUM, he doesn’t work because he knows the State will catch up with him so he lives off of other people. I had a Father so I know he could never own this title. I do see his face and it is full of crap, he’s sneaky and controlling. He has anger issues and he is abusive especially to children. What a sorry Excuse he is, Big Punk.

Jeremiah Davis is a bum he never has taken any responsibility for his eighteen year old son and expects him to respect him please he is a bitch and always will be in the eyes of my son

She’s right he is a deadbeat but not to her child he is paying child support for her child and still buys for her while my children and his other kids gets nothing and he absolutely is a user he used me to get to where he is today her child got a Christmas gift from him and the other ones didn’t that in the house with him and she wants him because she’s always texting him and calling him to go have sex with her don’t let her are him fool y’all

And he was failing the drug test because she was giving him the drugs until I motivated him to quit

Bbran31 This post was made in 2013, you are a stalking, bitter bitch. Stop stalking me. No life having ass.

This is now 2017, he is no longer a dead beat. He is now a very decent father. The only problem is he has a girlfriend that gets mad every time he tries to do the right thing by her(our daughter). Because she is insecure and thinks I want him because we are co-parents. Now what he does is take care of her 4 including the one that isn’t his, and still tries to find time for our one child. She is ungrateful and undeserving of him. No I don’t sleep with him. And neither am I on drugs nor did I put him on them. I am a grown woman now. And Brandy is a psycho baby mama, with no life. She lives with him and he takes care of her bumb ass. And yet she feels like I want him. When in fact if I did, want him, I would have him. So be grateful I don’t snatch your life line from under your dumb ass. Sad bitch. You Brandy Chavelier are a dead beat mom. Mad at a child.

First of all you can have his sorry broke ass because your on the outside looking inside he does for yours not mine anything my kids have I went out there and worked for dummy keep let him fool you and all he does is talk about you like a dog the furniture in his house is mine my kids are the reason why you get extra child support during taxes he files my kids not yours now who is the bitter on you and him you can have his sorry ass because first of he is not a man and your not a woman taking up for his sorry ass I had a place and can get another one he moved me because he needs me I don’t need him and I will show you who has the power soon enough when he is paying child support for his 3 children along with the other child he got tested for for another woman bet you didn’t know that huh and he is only doing things so you won’t go file for an increase dummy now who is the fool not me because I will get mines regardless I never needed a man believe that because he’s not a man he is a little boy trapped in a mans body showing off material things and can’t take care of the kids he made so he will see what God has in store for him because in god I trust

And by the way he needs your child social security card because he’s not using these kids over here

And Bitch learn the definition of deadbeat mom I have all my kids and had them since birth and will forever have them stop letting him get over on you he’s only feeling sorry for the lil bit of child support he pays because he quit the job he was working on purpose just so you wouldn’t get the right amount

By the way I wish I never even met him then I wouldn’t be putting up with none of his shit and why would I hate his child I don’t hate children I love them I brought for your child last year and the years before bet he didn’t tell you that he tells everything else all I said is he should not make a bridge when you buy for one you buy for all your children not just one and for your info I help him pay bills here must I show you my credit card receipts and provide food for him to eat and buys all the necessities here ask him how I kicked out 1900 to get a place for us just before he got the house he’s in really do I need to say more and I have worked all my life for your info I’m only out of work from being knocked up by him and he want even take time out with his infant baby so do you really think that I need him he’s in debt anyway so why should I worry about him when he doesn’t worry about me and my kids you want come get him

Brandi, do you really think I give a fuck bout any of this shit you talking about. I am not your friend, and I won’t be any bitch to your needy ass. I know about the other child, he bought me a snow crab plate after he left court. Dummy? The same plate you was begging him to get for your bumb ass. Bitch you wish you were me. I don’t need to up his child support, because I take care of mine. He gives me money when I ask and buys my cigarettes. You know that cause your sorry ass was with him when I told him to get me some. As far as me not knowing your business, I don’t care for you. So why do I need to know that. You are a simple bitch with nothing. I got me hoe. So stop trying to be me. You could never get on my level. And there is no furniture in that house why you on here stunting and food stamps feed y’all. You about the dumbest bitch. Yeah you get mad about him doing for my child. He does for my daughter I don’t have to worry about what he doesn’t do for your kids. And stop stalking me on every fuckin web site you find me on hoe. I don’t want you nor him. Get your life and stop dwelling on mine. You can’t live my life. You Kris wanna be. YOU COULD NEVER BE ME.HOE. OLE PUSSY ASS BITCH.

The definition of deadbeat mom is you Brandy. You living off him, and behind his back talking this stupid shit. You have no where else to go. You are a numb bitch, fat, out of shape. And jealous of a real one like me. You don’t want him, Get out his house.

Brandy this is his sister you low life uneducated bitch. Bitch you the reason why his older kids don’t come around. Bitch you start this shit every time he does something for his kids. It doesn’t matter if he pay child support or not. It’s none of your business what he does for his kids. Bitch what’s a hundred dollars a month in child support. Yes bitch you’re jealous of his kids. U don’t want him doing shit for his kids. You think your kids is the only ones he have. U ran his oldest 2 off know u trying to work on kris baby. You mad because you had five dudes tested for your oldest daughter which is not my brothers child but he provides for her and u still don’t know her birth father. Bitch u shouldn’t speak the word unfit out your mouth. It’s a disgrace how u keep your kids up. Bitch u sad u don’t even attempt to comb your daughters hair are bath them.. newsflash bitch he sits and talk about u like a dog. Let’s talk about how u go for weeks without bathing hoe. How u in and out the nut house. Bitch better yet don’t say shit about my brother are his kids until u find out who is your daughter biological father. Bitch u been stalking kris. I think u wanna fuck her old buldagging bitch

Dear ms home89 and iHaveHadEnoughOfYou,

Your backlashing a woman you probably don’t even know nothing about be more mature an respect her privacy for whatever is going on in the young lady’s life your bringing her down because in some way your jealous of her quit being ignorant an immature because we all have secrets an from my understanding your not perfect at all you don’t want to drag some one else down just because your a low life person now do we so be mature an go try an better yourself like maybe get your head in some books an learn more about hmmm segregation or something because right now your going against another woman your sister in gods eye so please keep moving on with your day instead of backlashing at someone on the internet imperfect little girls or whatever you are

Just Like I said there on the outside looking in

Anon, go to hell. You talking about something you don’t know. I am an educated woman who owns property. And this woman you are talking about, started this. If she didn’t want any trouble, she and you should stay in your lane. No one is going to come in between my child and her father. Simple as that. And no bitch is going to play around me. So as far as being mature goes, give it a rest.

Brandy fuck you and that outside shit, then tell your man to stop calling me with y’all problems. And yeah I said you can’t come to my house when he comes. So what you mad for? Go take you meds.

You upset because I went with him to drop his child off really

You need meds crazy bitch

And pretending to be someone else is sad. Anon writer 2.0 is brandy. You are so bad at grammar and spelling. Everything you write is a run on sentence. No punctuations,no periods,or exclamations. So simple minded. Educate yourself. Dumb bitch

IHaveHadEnoughOfYou hahaha

Get on your needs and pray I know educated people and trust the plus they are not like you and they would not have put him on here and you won’t even let her come play with her brothers and sister

Why do you need to be at my house? I bet you won’t be coming with him again. So who mad?

IHaveHadEnoughOfYou wow you stoop so low hmmm

Just retarded. Get your GED. Dumb hoe

IHaveHadEnoughOfYou hmmm interesting you say no ones going to get between your child an her father but wasn’t you jus back lashing him for sayin that the child wasn’t his in 2013 yes I know it’s a new year an every thing but words are words there’s no going back to your opinion of him goodbye

You wanna be me, so call it what you want. Wanna be Kris, and Keyshon is number one. Dumb people like you should not be allowed to go outside. You should be caged, like the animal you are. Troll ass

Grow up, I have. You should try it. Old shit don’t bother me. Like you. I am unbothered by you

You are the one who should be caged like the gorilla looking woman you are you should go back too the zoo where your mother got you stop shooting missed shots onna internet an meet me in person or are you to uneducated to know how to read an address

Lol! Aww poor baby, her mad.

I look better than you on my worse day. Jealous?

No not mad hun

He told you to get out. LMAO! Where you gonna go. Sad bitch, you have nothing and no one to run to. Your own mama don’t want you. That says a lot about you. You are miserable.hahahahahahahaha! Laughing at you hater.

Silly rabbit I don’t even know the person who’s texting you dummy it’s not me

And the bank is gonna tell him get out lmao

And you think I’m a cry nope and keep my mama out your mouth and worry about how he says you goes to the crazy house

ChildSupport I’m a do like you but I want be talking to him when it’s over it’s And you know we’re I live come say it to my you and that raggedy ass house go clean it and flush your nasty ass toilet your bill will not go up anymore dummy

Do you think you scare me? Lil girl! Please believe, I am never scared. I talk about whom ever I choose. And you stupid hoe you are talking to me through two different screen names. You really are a nut job. Psycho. You live in a crazy house. Bitch. You know where I live, make your move.

Dummy he living off credit Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Bitch bragging on a penny nigga he ain’t know NBA player so clown

I have one screen name stupid bitch

40 year old bitch get a life

40 year old bitch get a life make your move

How you let a man drive you into a crazy house lmao

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