Dad calls mom Money Hungry Bitch

Posted on : 29-08-2011 | By : Desertdiva7 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Michigan


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This man is a prize ladies!! 2 years ago he had a warrant issued against him and he had no place to live so his visitation was suspended until he got his act together he never did. He still is living with his mother in Bancroft, Michigan with no job and although he tells his children, who are now teens ,that he loves them more than I ever could and I am a money hungry bitch for not allowing him to visit them (against court orders). Oh by the way this entire situation is my fault, it is totally my fault that he is 27,000 behind in his support and there is a felony warrant for him. So as you can imagine he didn’t get that way over night. He got that way while I struggled to feed, cloth and keep a roof over his children’s heads not to mention educate them and pay health insurance for them that he was suppose to be carrying !!! Now I am the bad one !! How is that? My children are great kids and all he ever does is tell them how awful I am and how much I don’t love them because I work all the time. I work all the time because he doesn’t pay his friggin support!!If there is an opportunity to berate me he takes it. Both of my children will be starting College in the next 2 years……Who do you think will be paying for that?? Surely NOT him. This man has NEVER taken responsibility for anything he has ever done in his whole life. He cheated on me with my own cousins wife and my cousin was suppose to be his best friend!! What a great role model for my teen age son and daughter!! If he tries to pick one of you ladies up RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!

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