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So On Saturday I feel down 14 stairs and fractured My shoulder. He comes to the Hospital, when we get home he backs a bag and says hes leaving. I say Cab you wait until the morning so I don’t have to push our son in the rain? He says No Figure it out and leaves. Sunday comes around and I feel like i got hit by a bus. I need the medication so I push our son in the rain with a fractured shoulder in the rain. Next thing u know 13 hours later Im in the hospital again finding out my son has Pneumonia.Monday rolls around and a friend messages me that she saw him @ circus ole all the while Im in the ER with 2 toddlers. Later Monday I ask for diapers… “You should have Let me buy them on Sunday Instead of Bitching @ me” Really? Me bitching at you would prevent u from buying your kid diapers? Well Ladies If you Like free loading douchebags who dont take care of their kids, THIS ONES A WINNER!

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You should push his ass down a flight of stairs!

To add insult to injury the ASSHOLE went with his EX girlfriend and POSTED pics on Facebook the SAME DAY.. KARMA’s a bitch and he will get burned..

Damn.They always have an excuse of why they cant buy diapers or formula or clothes etc…..Let him be another bitches problem because like u said,Karma is a bitch so u no she a woman.Take care

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