Dan Harvey the DEAD BEAT DAD!

Posted on : 15-08-2013 | By : d | In : Deadbeat Dads, Michigan


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I met this man 16 years ago. I was 21 he was 36. We both lived in Michigan and he was a fun man then. ALL AN ACT! I soon found out. Claims he couldnt concieve any children yet I ended up Pregnant. Me not believing in abortion had my sweet baby boy 9 months later. We married when I was 3 months along and were off and on for 13 years. Then we moved to Washington State to start a new life. He found work. Then he started using CRACK. Finally I left his sorry @ss. We lived in Washington State for 5 years and when I moved out he let me have custody of our boy, and he is still living with me. DAN packed his amp and guitar and headed on down the road back to Michigan. In our divorce decree he is, and was ordered to pay $625 a month (his suggestion) Have not seen a dime, and medical. Our son is still with out medical or dental and I have been paying for his visits as needed. Not to metion clothing. Do not trust this loser young ladies. He is a nasty frito lay chip eating couch potato scum bag that refuses to pay a dime or even talk to his son

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You really thought you were going to get $625.00 from a crack head ? lol smh. Should have knew who you were getting pregnant by.

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