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Daniel Aaron Gerald of Cabbagetown, Ga. is the biggest crap in the world. He has a birracial child that he has not seen in 10 years and has the nerve to take care another women’s children but not spend time or a dime on his own. A few days ago was my child’s 16th birthday and just like every birthday no call not even a birthday card. Ten years ago I asked this man for help with his daughter and guess what after that day never heard from the man again. He is an idiot has a tatoo of my child’s initials on this chest you would think he would feel something everytime he sees it.So, to his wife Michelle Gerald you better think twice about having a baby by this ass cause you might be left to take care of all your kids alone.God has blessed me and my children with a wonderful MAN he knows how to be just that a MAN!!!!

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Hey, hes the father of my 15th year old son too…. If you could please write me back. Thanks!

I also have 2 15 year old twins by this man and have never seen a dime of child support EVER!!!! He is a dumb ass and has no sense of commitment.. He left after we went to our 3rd drs appt and said that being a dad was not for him.. his siter knows of my babies and I think his mom might too but none of them ever lifted a finger to help or even see if things were ok.. I found out after he left that he had a biracial daughter named lashina simone gerald. I think thats how you spell it and theres no telling how many more he has out there.. so watch out ladies and if you see this man just say HELL NO!!!!

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