Daniel Bernard Moore the deadbeat runaway.

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Hello Everyone:

This is Daniel Bernard Moore, he has a two year old son who he has seen in person only once. He left me when i was 7 months pregnant for his other childrens’ mother who he later married. While in a relationship with me he continued a relationship with her that resulted in his second daughter. My son was his third child. After getting married he had a fouth child. He has three duaghters and my son. He supports his other children finacially and emotionally and refuses to support mine. He actually moved to maryland and changed all his contact info. My son has asthma, wears leg braces, and is allergic to peanuts dairy soy eggs fish and many other things. He is sick and his father ignores him. I have a feeling he might be back in New York but im not sure. Last time I spoke to him he asked me to come to Maryland and be with him. He is a low low person who needs to be taught a lesson. i will get a better pic for you guys as soon as I can.
PS: His mother has seen my child as well and has my numbers. While her son was in the hospital in recovery from an operation the doctors were speaking to me and it is I that was tending to his fat ass day and night and informing her of her son’s condition…while pregnant. She should at least check on her grandson.

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This dude looks zesty as hell. LOL. I just hate when men neglect their children when they enter a new relationship with someone else. Both he and his mother are trifflin’. Screw them both.

my home was wrecked by someone on here a few yrs back. She knew all about me being engaged to him because we spoke on numerous occasions. We were together for 4yrs before she was involved with him and she was his employee. I understand what he’s done, having cheated and all, but she was very well aware of me and insisted on getting pregnant to try and steal him. Well she got pregnant hooray for ANNEKA TURNER from Brooklyn NY!!!! She’s the psychotic liar. And you can do whatever “paper work” you want to do ms.psycho. Get a DNA test honey. We have 3 kids together so good luck to your bastard child. You both can drop dead this second, I’d praise the heavens. You got exactly what the fuck u asked for regardless whose kid it is. Btw I didn’t stick no a dick in u so take my fucking face down you jealous psycho fuck. You wish you were me ugly ass!

And another thing ur lying because I was at the hospital everyday and slept there u fucking liar! You’re so evil and that’s why your son has all those problems. He’s ugly and so are u! I hope u both die!

This is very true. You were not at Daniel’s hospital but you were somewhere else giving birth to you second child. Don’t speak about babies. They are innocent. Daniel is not. Daniel is the evil one. Noone said anything about you. Daniel lied about everything and he lied to you too. So be angry it’s fine but take it out on Daniel not his son.

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