Daniel Bernard Moore the runaway deadbeat who lies and cheats and neglects his son.

Posted on : 26-09-2010 | By : Angry Mom | In : Alabama, Deadbeat Dads


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Hello again:

As promised i have a better picture of him.
This man is evil and should be punished to the full extent of the law.
This is him and his wife. We all have mutual friends but few of them even know that my son is his. Well at this point i dont care if they do.
He is such an ass. His thing is to call me out of the blue and tell me that he loves me and i never fought for “us”. He tells me things will change and my dumb ass gives him another chance to get his act together. This happens about every 6 months. He talks about his wife like a dog and trys to get me to feel sorry for him. i dont anymore. i am doing fine without him although I feel he should stand up. I work at a very popular financial service corporation, I am the founding director of one non-profit and on the board of another non-profit. I attend NYU and have been climbing the ladder in every aspect of my life. Daniel Bernard Moore thinks he can bring me down by not providing for son he is highly mistaken. I didnt even want money before but now… well you guys know how that goes.

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wtf is he wearin he looks like a transexual nun

so you slept with him knowing he was married ? what kind of person does that make you? pathetic. and why are you exposing her picture?

He was far from married when we were together. He got married months after my son was born. Also he only had one child when I got with him. It is obvious he was still with her but the point is he lied. Thinking he was single I agreed to have a relationship with him.

And at this point he does not even have to be in my sons life. All I really want is for him to do the paper work so I can be on
my way. He says that I will leave the country with him and not come back. I say he doesn’t want my son anyway so why does it matter where I take him.

my home was wrecked by someone on here a few yrs back. She knew all about me being engaged to him because we spoke on numerous occasions. We were together for 4yrs before she was involved with him and she was his employee. I understand what he’s done, having cheated and all, but she was very well aware of me and insisted on getting pregnant to try and steal him. Well she got pregnant hooray for ANNEKA TURNER from Brooklyn NY!!!! She’s the psychotic liar. And you can do whatever “paper work” you want to do ms.psycho. Get a DNA test honey. We have 3 kids together so good luck to your bastard child. You both can drop dead this second, I’d praise the heavens. You got exactly what the fuck u asked for regardless whose kid it is. Btw I didn’t stick no a dick in u so take my fucking face down you jealous psycho fuck. You wish you were me ugly ass!

Oh and don’t forget me being pregnant when u came into the picture. U r so delusional and ur mad because u didnt succeed. Die u ugly troll die! Lol I laugh at your stupidity

And tell that fat monster Latasha Covington to go stuff an elephant down her throat and stfu. For the record no one is running from u, although they should be. That’s why u single now. Noone wants yo ugly ass. All u got is ur titties u hoe. Go somewhere and swallow some babies from a single man, instead of trying to get pregnant by taken ones HOME WRECKER!!!!!

Noone wants daniel trust. Maybe your pic should not have been up here but it was done. Daniel lied and the beef was with him not you. He knows exectly what he did. Noone tried to steal him because he made it clear that he was free. Noone ever pursued Daniel cause he did all the chasing. Daniel just needs to do what he needs to do. Daniel knows right from wrong. And he did you wrong and he did his son’s mother wrong. Daniel is a smooth talker. That’s what he does he needs to handle it.

And why are you angry at latasha?

Ooh also check the dates you were not in the hospital with Daniel you were in another hospital giving birth to one of your girls. And you shouldn’t speak about peoples children. Children are innocent.

I say what the hell i want about your bastard child. Bottom line u knew he wasn’t free stupid ass lunatic. U know why I mentioned latasha so stfu and die already.
So u knew I was having his child but yet he’s free? Shut up! I never said u wanted him now. But u did. And u sound stupid trying to insult him after u slept with him dummy oh and please get a paternity test. Did he sign papers about ur son? Ok lets handle that first. And NOW ur problem IS with me!!!

He does not want a test. There is no doubt in his mind. What Daniel wants is for people to need him. Why do you insist on defending him? He is the bastard. He lies all the time. And you act like this for him.

Who knows what Daniel tells you so he looks good. That doesn’t matter. He should put his children first all his children. He does not even want to get rid of his rights as a parent. So why call every few months why lie why give a story about his heartbreak his stress his hurt. Other people were hurt. Everyone can see that you were cause you are cussing. So blast him. This is just the place to do it because there are other brothers just like him here. He fits in. This is how hurt women vent.

So u had his baby because?

That baby was born because he belonged to his mother. Do you think someone would have a baby if they thought the father wouldn’t be there? Conversations were had that allowed that mother to feel safe. And that child was wanted by both mother and father. Men do things sometimes that contradicts everything they claim to stand for. Daniel did that.

u knowing he was with me should’ve been a big enough sign that he wasn’t going to be there for u and him. Look I’m done. do what u have to, and we’ll do the same.

Noone knew about you and Daniel still being together. That’s what you don’t get. The whole time was full of daniels lies.

We are attempting to reach you and do things the mature way. The way you should have… Check your myspace I sent my number. We would like paternity a test. And if it’s proven your son is his, Daniel is willing to pay child support, but wants nothing to do with you or him.
You know the type of man he is, and this route you’ve taken was wrong and dishonest. You’ve made no attempts to get help for your son, because you know Daniel would have done what he needed to.
Well we are taking the necessary steps now, and all we need is your cooperation.

You will get a call. Daniel was never the man he pretended to be. He declined the paternity test in the first place. This could have been done a very long time ago. It is sad that this is what it took to get it done. The boy won’t miss him.

Ok Anneka, what happened before is totally irrelevant. No one cares about what happened before, anymore. We’ve obviously moved on, and it’s time you stop living in the past and move on as well. Keep your sons best interest at heart and lets get it done.
u so could’ve called instead of posting here, I’m waiting….anything else you need to say you can call and say, lets end the game here, be women, and take care of this. Thank you.


couldn’t have said it better myself and to add what kind of woman want to be with a man better yet have a baby by a man who doesn’t even want to be a part of his childs life because until a test is taken that is his child I tell you what kind sorry insecure kind who feel less of themselves and cant get nothing better. @ angry mom take him and her for all they worth which probably isn’t much she wants to defend him make her ass pay too. sad sad sad

Lol the baby is 2 why didn’t she do it yet? No one cares about her going to court. we don’t care about giving her money smh that’s what u dont understand and as they say “mommas baby,daddys maybe”so we shall see *shrugs*. My picture can stay up, I actually liked that hairstyle :) that was a good day….sighs welp! I’m over it, and nothing anyone says on here can change anything or the situation. U guys don’t know me, him, or her so ur opinion is irrelevant… And if u do, still applies…and I really don’t care :) enjoy your life as I will mine, and kiss your bastard children on the head for me k? Love ya

I know this post is a bit old, but I had to register in order to make a comment. Angry mom, I must say that you can tell the people that are educated from those that are not. As we say down south, “Do You, Honey!” Who makes a username that says,”FUHOMEWRECKER?” Reminds me so much of my ex’s current girlfriend. I have obtained my masters degreee and am currently working on my doctorate and am only 31 years old and that’s exactly how she responds. He owes me $27,000 in CS and has had two babies with another woman since he has been with her. My child was only 2 or 3 when they met and is now 12. And for the record, we broke up when my child was 1. I like how you handled her. Kill em with kindness. She may have claimed to have taken a cute picture (which I don’t quite agree with), but her mouth is quite nasty with the words coming out of it. So, sit on your Boards, continue to climb the ladder, because I’m sure you’re not his employee anymore, because people like her hate on people like you. Clearly, she is in denial. Still, get your money boo, and save it for his college fund.

I’m his younger cousin and it would be a great help if your angry ass would leave my aunt (his mother) out of this nonsense . Leave your baby momma drama between you , Daniel , and your son . My aunt has nothing to do with this . she don’t give a fuck about your son and neither does Daniel so leave it at that ! PS: DO NOT COMMENT ANYTHING DISRESPCETFUL OR YOU WILL BE PICKING UP YOUR TEETH ASAP !!!

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