Daniel Vicente aka Danny Bwoy

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Attention Ladies…..Daniel Vicente aka Danny Bwoy from Belize is a DEADBEAT DAD….he has not contributed to the well being of his child since the day he was born. (going on 11 years) This poor excuse of a man, continues to dodge child support by working under the table as a club promoter (San Deigo, Shotta Crew Sound) or other odd jobs, moving in and dating young women or underage women to avoid taking care of his responsibilities. IF you see him or if you are dating him…REPORT HIM to CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT..call (800) 257-9986…If he swears to God that he has no children…do the research and check public case information in San Diego (website http://www.sdcourt.ca.gov/portal/page?_pageid=55,1056871&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL) and trust there are more children out there in other counties in California and Virginia. Stay away from this Deadbeat!!

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ok…how do you throw a toy for tots drive, but dont buy your kids any gifts!! wtf

If you have any information regarding this deadbeat, please email me at zuri.diamond@ymail.com

Contact me at my updated email: blessedup@mail.com if you have any additional information on Daniel Vicente address or place of employment.

Just had his seventh child, a boy! He know has two sons named after him, two sons with the SAME EXACT name….smh

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