Danny Watts is a dead beat father

Posted on : 26-08-2011 | By : angrymutha | In : Deadbeat Dads, Virginia


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I say father because dads don’t do this to their children.

This guy is 46 years old. For 25 years he’s been trying to become a rock star. For the last nine years since I took the kids and left, he’s thrown them a bone every once in a while. Never paid a dime in medical or dental since they were born. Always puts himself first. Sound familiar? This guy purposely left great paying jobs to go on the road and become an amateur “rock star”. What a joke. The Child Support Enforcement system reduced the amount of the order because he wasn’t making money any more. They’re another joke. If you see this guy touring in your area with a band called “Modern Superstar” (they’re on Facebook), let him know what you think about deadbeat fathers.

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