darrell aka banks the deadbeat

Posted on : 07-01-2011 | By : mslovely16 | In : Deadbeat Dads, New York


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this dude is such scum ok heres the story so we were friends before we took it there and when we took it there i knew he was having a son and whatever before we actually hooked up so we hooked up and we became a couple it was to the point where i was in far roc every weekend and i was helping him out i was good to him so wen we started having sex we did use condoms at first but then we stopped and me being who i am i told him that if he gets be prego im keeping it well it happened and when i was 3 months pregnant we got into a fight and i found out he was cheating on me cuz he gave me an std so im pregnant and for my whole preganancy im hitting him up telling him that i dont care if he dont want to be with me he better be there for my child well guess wat my daughter is turning 2 in feb and he only seen her 3 times wen she was only a few months old and the messed up part is that he wants his family to only be in his sons life and not in my daughters life so my daughter doesnt know her grandmother or her aunts and uncles and im bout to violate him for not paying child support and i heard he working 2 jobs soo if you see him know hes a deadbeat

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