DaShaun L. Armstrong

Posted on : 18-02-2011 | By : satxgirlygirl | In : Deadbeat Dads, Virginia


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NAME: DaShaun L. Armstrong
DOB: 08/28/1979
HT: 6′4″
WT: last known 220 lbs.
Born: Cook County, IL
Raised: San Antonio, TX (since appx. 1990)
Last known residence: Chesapeake, VA
Previous Employer: United States Navy

WANTED: For unpaid child support. If you know of his where abouts, inbox me or comment!…

GOT CH’YA NI**A!!! >>>>> I TOLD YA NOT TO &%#$ WIT ME!!


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I would post him on deadbbeats411.com

Shaun… If you come across this… I’m working on getting this post down… Thank you for helping us financially now… And with her health insurance… It’s never too late to reach out to her… I hope you do.

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