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I just found out that this poor excuse of a man had a wife and not one, but two kids that he NEVER sees. Apparently, his kids stay in Richmond, while he lives in Fredericksburg. Who does that?

To make matters worst, he tries to front like his is single. Whenever we would go out, he never had on his wedding ring so I thought he was single. He always talks about how much money he makes working for the government, but he does not take care of his wife or children. He is a porn addict and he needs to be exposed.

After I found out that he had a family, I immediately stopped talking to him. He is disgusting and it is so unfortunate that his wife does not know what he is up to when she’s not around. I also feel so sorry for his children. He is NOT setting a good example for them, at all.

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WOW!!!!!! This is extemely funny. There is someone out there the hates me that much. It crazy how you call yourself the truth but have eveything wrong. last i check my kids lives in Fredericksburgs with me and my wife and goes to school here. I must me crazy but i thought the kids that i see and pick up from school everyday where my kids but hey i could be wrong. I really couldnt help but laugh at this. everyone who knows me know this is bullshit. and the ones that dont know me and believes this mess: who cares what they thinks.

This was writen by the truth should change her name to bitter, dumb, and low class female looking for someone to be on her side.

life is good with me, by wife and my two wonderful kids. you should try get find a life like mine and get over yourself.

Why would I want your life? You put on a front like you ballin and you ain’t got nothing.

Your sex was mad weak, especially that time when I was sick, remember that?

When you were messing around with ME in the hotel, your kids won’t up here! Read the date when I posted this, stupid. Last year!

You need to check yourself! You the one with the dirty laundry! I wonder what your lovely wife would say, Mr. Family Man?

Trust me, I don’t hate anyone. I just don’t like cheaters! You lied to me! I’m happy now so kick rocks!

When you were sick, what?? Who is this? Stop hiding behind your computer and keyboard and say who you are. But whoever you are, thank you for providing my point with the date you pointed out. To my wife (who just texted me to tell me that she replied) she just made a great point, you know better then anyone that you and our kids have been living, and sleep under our house in Fredericksburg since we got the house. Only times that they haven’t been there is when they visit the grandparents. You know how many I love and take care of our kids and that not only do I see them but I spend with then every day. So either response to this bullshit or stop texting out her letter or her replies. You know what we have both in the bank and in our home. Let this bitter bitch die!!!!

Things have changed. I’m so glad that you are finally taking care of your children. Do you want a award? Phahahaha.

You just started to do what most men have been doing for years. Like I said, your “family” wasnt up here when we were together.

I don’t care about you or your family. You were and still are a crappydad and a cheater. If your wife reads this, tell her that her so-called husband is a cheater who has nothing better to do than to be responding to this post from LAST year. Terrible! Get a life, both of y’all!

You are so stupid!!!! You have no idea what you talking about. That’s funny we have nothing better to do but you are the one who wrote the damn thing in the first place. I see you still don’t have the balls to say who you are. But I think I know; did you write this because your dad cheats on your mom. Shouldn’t you but your dad on here instead. You are sad, wasting your time writing shit like this and even more sad wasting my time reading it.

My dad and mom are happily married and i told you that when we first met. What do they have to do with what we had? See you on the flip side!

We never had anything. I don’t want you now and never wanted you then. I’m happy with with I have at home. The sad thing about this is that I thought we were friends or at least cool. Im not the type to post blogs about people, it’s childish and a complete waste of time. Please go on with life like you never knew me because that’s exactly how I’ve been living mine.

We did! You said you loved me. I guess it was not reall.

When I posted this I was mad at you. I have moved on so like bye. I got a good guy now who is not married. I will never do that again. You right I was low class to mess with a guy who had a family.

What!!!! I said what??? Either you crazy or got the wrong guy. I’m done with this whole thing and won’t been responding back.

You dont need too respond back. Just know that Dave junior is well takin care of. I wont ask you for anything, papi.

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Here we go, now you have a child my me. LOL thats funny!!! You still scared to say who you really are!!! everything on here is a lie and everyone had read this knows its a lie. I hope you had fun with this complete waste of time. Quick question tho, who the hell is Dave???? No one calls me Dave LOL nice try tho. Wont to tell the truth and start by your name, its really hard to believe any or this if you dont even have the balls to say who you are. Life is good over here but nice try with tring to mess it up tho. You get a A+ LOL

Dis shit is bananas. Yo dis dude is strait up a pussy.I though my Baby ma was crazie. Damn. Dis lik a soap operah, bruh.

Ready dude!!! You just as dumb as the person who wrote this. She’s not my baby mommy just a shit bitch looking for attention.

Hol up bruh.dont be bossn up, bruh!!!!! Im on dis site bruh so I feel yo pain. I hd ta c myself on hear ta do da rite thang ya feel me.take care ov yo seed bruh.stop being disrespectful to her.i use to b lik dat.i change an take care my kid ya dig.

804 representah 2 up 2 down ya dig.im bout dat life bruh.

dude you dont get it, none of this is true. but who care. dont believe everything you read dude

Mayne I waz da samee way.i aint wanta believe my baby ma waz preg again either bruh.i had to fine out on here. when woman say thay hav yo seed believe dem.i had ta learn da hard way ya dig.now I got ta pay all dis child support.yo old lady ain’t gonn lik it but you needa b a man ya feel me.

Forget it dude; you not getting it man.

aight my nig.just watch yo paper cuz kids cost. she got yo seed you gon go to court fo yo jr i got kids so i kno ya dig.i stay in da court.i keep my d in my pants bruh cuz i aint got time fo mo baby ma. peace bruh.

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