David Jason Rumsey , Bucoda, washington

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This is David Jason Rumsey born December 1976. He is a dead beat father. He kicked his wife of 13 years out along with her minor son. Although he was ordered to pay child support and spousal support he ignored the order. He makes 4,000 dollars a month and keeps all the money. Although he receives money for his wife and son he pockets that too. Be warned ladies this is the second time he marries and leaves a wife and child. He is on the lurk! He is originally from Olympia, WA in Thurston County.

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ewwk who would want that bloated looser hillbilly?

He will pretend he is a real sweet heart at first opening and closing doors on you etc. Then the truth will come out. He is lazy, he does not shower hardly. He stinks most of the time. He does not bother to shave and is always playing the he hurts card. Funny how he only seems to have physical pain when he does not get his way. He will get him and his friends and family to swear he is the best person in the world…just wait, the truth always comes out. He has done this to his first and second wife leaving kids behind and lying about child support. He only paid 25 dollars on his first kid when he was making 4000 dollars a month. Ladies memorize his face and stay away from him! right now he is with the skinny little blonde tramp next to him..but who knows who it will be next.

Whoa …. That my man. Let it be a warning to all you deadbeat mothers out there (yes, YOU, the sluts who come begging for child support).


I hope you all croak of hunger, for you broke the holy vows of marriage, and by right, you deserve to suffer hard for it. Never forget, never forgive, so help me God.

Whatever you say David, let people know what you and your mistress and friends really are like. By your own words you have shown the world what a sorry looser you really are. You are now and will always be nothing but a cheater, a liar and a dead beat. By your own words you should then burn in hell if there is one because YOU are the one who committed adultery. But nice try your comment does not bother me for My eyes are wide open now to what a true looser you are.

I was told that these posts were legally supposed to be removed 10/23 per a judge. The judge doesn’t seem to agree someone who pays over $1000.00 per month in “support to be a deadbeat”. Also this post does not reveal the child is not even his. Hard to be a dead beat dad if you’re not a dad do to the actions of the mother getting a restraining order that was unnecessary to prevent him from seeing the child. I would agree it was dead beat if she hadn’t taken that decision whether or not to maintain contact away from him. That would be the mothers fault. People that log in and read this need to know the only truth in this entire post is the town. Everything else is completely false and proof could be provided to back this up. Ask arumsey for proof… she has none. By the way Jack Boot is not David, but thank you for the support. He is just another man not happy about having to purchase his freedom.

l-wareing that is the same name of his mistress? yes , I see this woman is verbally attacking the wife every where. I hope the wife gets a restraining order against you. People like you are what make this world a bad place you are the cause of marriages going bad. BOO

of course the mistress is going to make the guy try to look like a peach but there are people out there helping get the word out so do not worry every one will know his face and hers!

to those wanting to follow this story got o facebook under both those names and see how the mistress is still continuing the drama

Hi! My name is Denise, I am a TV producer in LA. I would love to talk to you about what’s going on. Please call me at 323-451-2446 Thank you so much!

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