Dead Beat and Scam Artist!!!

Posted on : 15-08-2011 | By : shaycade | In : Deadbeat Dads, Nevada


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Cory Draper! Watch out he’s a master manipulator. Lies about any and everything. He is from Salt Lake City Utah and is now avoiding the IRS and Child Support Agency (and I am sure many others he has wronged) In Las Vegas Nevada. He loves to show off his bikes, cars etc. But he if owes you money….. He cries poor like it’s no one’s business. He is a COWARD, LIAR, THIEF, CHEATER, and a low life snake. And he is my DAD.

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I am very familiar with Cory Draper and I can attest to the fact this guy is a first class piece of crap! He always seems to have plenty of toys to live a nice life and get girls etc but this guy ripped me off for a HUGE amount of money and if I say how much he will know who I am and badmouth me all over the web and screw me even more. I suspect he has screwed a ton of people since his own son obviously thinks ill of him so I know he can’t know who this is. He is a piece of garbage that preaches self righteousness but he is nothing but a scumbag piece of crap and all he cares about is himself and taking advantage of people… Yes this CORY DRAPER OF Utah residing in Vegas for years now. Total piece of garbage that has a radio show on the internet and talks like a 70s DJ and does dick jokes the entire time. Just a waste of humanity.

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