dead beat dad!

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gregory mathew kelley is a dead beat dad he has
never seen my son and we also had a dna test done
and he was proven to be his dad he claims the
DNA test lied and he still refuses to step up and take responsibility he says as far as he is concerned my son was and never will never be his dad.i emailed him to get family medical history for his side of the family and he refused to give it to me my son has a breathing problem and he could care less he laid in a hospital bed for four days and do you thing the dead beat dad called or even asked about him.

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update my son had to have surgery on september 6th on his air way he was in the hospital fpr two weeksthe 1st week in icu thank god me and my son had support from my family because his dead beat dad and his family never called to check on him or to see how my son was doing when we got home i sent his sister a message and all i got was glade u guys are home.not one time did she ask how my son was doing i have made several attemps by telling them whats going on with my son but they refuse to have anything to do with him im done trying!

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