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When we in the home he would offer 10.00 a week for a family of 5 to live off of because he couldn”t be left with no money to go out to lunch with his co workers. when he was out of the house he would break in and live in the basement he was arrested twice and put in jail once for domestic abuse second time for breaking a restraining order. Some how got into Nursing school and led us to belive he only made 23,000 dolloars a year and could only pay 75.00 a week. When in reality he makes close to $60.000 a year. and is not paying he child support at all because he claims he has family emergencies. with his other children which he only paid child support for 9 years for one child he has 3 from his first wife. never paid a dime for the other two. becuase as he said we have an understanding. if you see him tell him to grow. child support is a bill just like any other. Just lie his New car payment his credit card payments, and his rent.

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Sounds like you need “Dead Beat Radio” A show that it Publicly Geared to finding Ex- Dead Beat Dad’s or Mom’s. We actually have the public see pics and or links that clients give us and if he or she is seen Law Enforcement is called. Oh yeah, And maybe you did not know but if you call your Local District Atty office and ask them how to Proceed with Federal Child Support Charges they may assist you in the process. I think it would be great to have him found myself, NO KID should go without due to an Ignorant father.

Listen, slut, no man owes you anything, no matter what some faggot judge told you. We are fed up with your kind. Off to work with you, you panhandling trailer trash that you are, get a second or a third job so that your spawn can afford shoes and a few crumbs of bread.
And if you feel you still can’t hack it, invest in a rope, and go hang yourself somewhere out in the woods, where nobody can see your ugly fat corpse. You’d make the world a better place, believe me.

Ahhhhh, Look at the hate comments from good ole Jack Boot,,,,, Looks like he was or is a Dead Beat Dad. And yes Jack a man does owe her something its called paying for WHAT THAT DOUCHEBAG MADE HER, ITS CALLED A KID. Support it or go get snipped plain and simple. And god forbid if I can get your info from Crappy Dads, Im going to place and talk about you on the Radio as well. Good Day

Do not listen to the Jack boot he is going around trolling walls to cause havoc. I think he is a dead beat dad who just got caught and hates it lol. You do what you have to girl. Remember there are so many of us out here who understand first hand how hard it is to live normal lives with our children when there is little to no help.

Arumsey… Amen and no better words spoken….

Mesha, you have to stay on it. Persistently contact the Alabama DHR office of the county where he resides, and make certain you write to them and make photocopies of the letters you write. Have your letters proofread, and include the case number on the clerk file of your court order for child support. You did not state what county he lives in, nor did you state where you live. Write to the District Attorney of the county where you both live and explain your situation. The state of Alabama is overran with deadbeat dads who are too ignorant to take care of their own children; DHR is very effective but is overwhelmed. You have to be persistent and never give up.

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Thank you so much!

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