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the man that you see in this picture is jake burch (21) the father of my son. me and this man were together since april of 2010. we had a really rough relationship. i found out i was pregnant on may 25th of 2011. i left him when i was about 9 weeks pregnant for different reasons. one being his drug problem, his anger issues, and mainly because he was just an overall asshole. we tried working things out again in december of 2011 for the sake of our son. i wanted him to have his father in his life even if we never worked. 12/30/2011 i was admited into the hospital. i called him as soon as they told me it was time to push. come to find out, he brought a friend to the hospital (one that im not very fond of) not to mention they were both highly intoxicated. the friend was in the waiting room with mine and jakes entire family talking about how shit faced they were and how they had been up all night and so on. right before i gave birth jake looked at me and told me he loved me and was ready to be a dad and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. i was so happy. i later found out he was talking to other girls when i was in the hospital. the first week after i was out and home with our son Brentley, he was coming to my home as much as he could trying to do what was right. he didnt last very long. jan 6th (one week exactly after our son was born) he was gone. i have tried since then to let him be in brentleys life but he would never step up. ive givin him plenty of chances and have finally called it quits. the last time he has even asked about his son was at the beginning of march. i am offically dreading that day when my son looks at me and asks me, “mommy, why is my last name different from yours?” i am a 19 year old single mother with just a sperm doner.

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