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Posted on : 07-09-2011 | By : Dana | In : California, Deadbeat Dads


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Hi I am Troy Martin and I have been awarded the DEAD BEAT DAD of the Year Award! First I would like you to know that it is all about me! I have two children that I walked away from and could care a less about. I owe over $15,000 in back child support, I am working under the table so that my wages will not be garnished and so that Child Enforcement can not find me. I blame the world for how screwed up my life is and refuse to take ownership for the things I have done. I have broken promise after promise to my kids and they should expect nothing less of me. As I said it’s all about me. My kids do not hear from me on their birthdays, and I will tell them I sent them something for Christmas but that something never was mailed. My kids do not health Insurance because of yours truly, I do not care if they have the supplies they are needing for school, or if they have food on the table. My only concern is ME ME ME.

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@dana I’m a television producer taping a show on deadbeat dads this week. I’d love to talk to you about your story. You can reach me at 212.419.7413. Thanks! Hope to hear from you.

Will Richards

meth, alcohol, and marijuana habits. Takes occasional side jobs for cash paid under the table and lives with his daddy. Beware women he is always on the prowl, and don’t ever let him in the house if you have any daughters. He is a child predator.

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