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Martin Maurice Mcdonald is a 43 year old barber at Goodfellas Baber Shop in Charolotte NC. Mr. Mcdonald has learned to manipulate the child support system to evade arrest and more importantly shirk his financial responsibility. Martin owes more than 8k in back support and has no intention of paying. Martin uses his status as a barber to avoid providing his financial records so that an accurate assessment of his financial obligations can be performed. His monthly obligation is only $200 a month, gas money in this economy; yet he owes 8k. So you can do the math on how long its been since he has made a payment. The child support system in NC is apathetic to custodial and non custodial parents alike. Underfunded agencies and heavy caseloads result in enforcement action only being taken after an irrate non custodial parent (me) makes an unexpected office visit. It’s really sad to see how men and women have degenerated into such half beings. Even wild animals care for their young! Its not just enough to belly ache the only real action has to come from your local government officials passing stronger child support legislation and tougher penalties from judges….

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So, if the man was supposed to pay, but didn’t, because he had no cash money, you are now angry and want to punish and shame this man?

He is a barber, he cuts hair. What do YOU do to service society? You are a lazy ho, a good-for-nothing oxygen thief. Ohhh, you can spread your legs and take that black snake inside of you and get pregnant, that, you are good for. Tell us, in what position were you when you got impregnated? Is it true you trapped the man, hoping to get government assistance, food and cash money? And now you want HIS paycheck, for which he works. Yo momma and the pastor at the church taught you good morals, but you have Satan inside of you, the father of all lies. Better go to church, girlfriend, and ask the pastor to exorcise the demon of sloth and lies out of you.

My Dear Sir,

You sound like an ill informed, backwoods, racist. Clearly your mother and father were kissing first cousins. So let’s start by systematically dismantling your long diatribe of stereotypes:

1. I do not, nor have I ever received government benefits.
2. I am not a Christian.
3. My mother or her child rearing skills are not the issue here. Men who do not support their child/children are the topic of this discussion forum.

I know it will be hard, but try to use your head for something other than a hat rack! ….. Pausing, giving you time to catch up, or Google the meaning of the words I’ve used!

I contribute to society in the following ways:
a. I pay taxes.
b. I volunteer regularly.
c. I am a mother to my child.
d. I hold advanced degrees and readily share my knowledge through educating others.

5.You are assuming the sole reason men/women do not pay child support is due to an inability to do so. Wrong, yet again sir, some just choose to opt out!

6.All men/women who do not support their child/children deserve to be embarrassed, shamed, etc…. Because the selfish act of not caring for your own flesh and blood is SHAMEFUL!

7. You sir, sound like a NON CUSTODIAL PARENT, who clearly own arrears, and is bitter about society making him pay his debt to his child.

8.I’m going to hope that you address your anger management issues in the near future and find something more productive to do with you time. Try volunteering to pay your CHILD SUPPORT! LOL SILLY GUY!

P.S. Sorry about the late response but I work for a living so email checking ranks very low on the priority list! XOXO

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