Dead Beat Dad – Texas Doctor who owns Women’s Health Center of Katy and is affiliated with Christus St. Catherine Hospital of Katy

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Christiaan A. Webb MD is a deadbeat dad. He lives in a 5 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home, with his boat, his wife, her 3 children, and a new baby.

He has 2 older daughters that are his from his first marriage to me. He stopped paying child support, as ordered per the divorce decree, for his 9 year old daughter in November of 2010. He currently is in arrears over $14,000.00.

He also has stopped paying for his 9 year old daughter’s health insurance, as ordered in the divorce decree. She has asthma, atopic dermatitis, and fainting issues.

He apparently can afford to pay for health insurance for his new family, a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, have a boat, 2 Cadillacs, and spend all of his money on himself and his new family. He has chosen to cut off his first 2 children. He delivers babies for a living at Katy Women’s Health Center, yet he’s a deadbeat dad. How many patients would like to know their babies are delivered by a deadbeat?

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WHo cares if he is a deadbeat? If he’s a competent doctor, that’s all you can ask for.

my ex husband is a podiatrist.

same story, same jerk.

I hired a child support enforcement agency that promised to take his professional license . he reluctantly started paying no problem, after years of avoiding his responsibilities.

1 800 687 2405


I feel bad for you because I know the stress you are going through …. first hand

Juliann from Waco Texas

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