Dead Beat Dad with no excuses!

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This is my ex-husband Randall Paul Nystuen. He is intelligent, educated and there are many people who think he is a great guy. He is a master of deception and he lies to everyone. He has not paid child support in almost 4 years and is behind over 40,000. We have 3 amazing boys that deserve so much more than they are getting from him now. I left an abusive marriage 10 years ago because I did not want my boys to think that the way we were living was ok…and I should have done it long before I did. He told me when I left he would make me suffer and boy has he. He has made me suffer plenty…you can never know what it’s like to not to be able to give your children the things that they need and want. He has definitely made me suffer..but mostly he has made his children suffer. I just do not understand how he can do this.
Randy lives in the Atlanta area, has a good job and makes good money but does not pay. I currently have a case with Child Support Enforcement in the state of Kentucky. I started it in November of 2010 and to this day nothing has been resolved, it is much more difficult when you are not in the same state. I have an income deduction order from a judge in Henry county Georgia that I received in August of 2007. June of last year I discovered where he was working, sent the income deduction form and they were taking it out and sending it to the state of Georgia. I contacted Georgia Child Support Enforcement and they said my case had been closed and they were sending him back the money. They advised me to go to the Kentucky Child support enforcement and open a case there. I am so dissapointed in the current systems they have for victims of dead beat dads, it takes way to long and there is no reason for it except that the states are overwhelmed with so many of these cases. I am going to use any and every avenue I can to make people aware. If you see him…if you know him don’t just turn your back. I want him to be ashamed and embarrassed. He needs to be! I pray that God changes his heart but untill then I will not stop fighting for my children

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I feel for you and understand all too well. I’ve had 2 child support cases open in Florida since 2007 and 7 yrs later, still nothing has been done. My ex-jerks live in Alabama where I am from. I have a court-order against one of them to NO-avail. We women need to stand together across this country and FIGHT!!! But where to start? If you have ideas, count me in. My name is Allison.

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