Dead beat… Dont take care of his child,

Posted on : 14-01-2011 | By : momma2aprince08 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Kentucky


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Hes 22 years old and still wants to act like hes a teenager, out whoring around instead of taking care of his child, and now hes been dating this one chick for a month let me remind you A MONTH and now hs saying hes proposing ha that makes 3 girls he has proposed to in the past year. I have a verry handsome little boy by this jerk. he has visitations every other weekends and he doesnt stay home with him instead he set the visitations up just so his parents could see him, hes immature, an alcoholic and just a dumb butt who doesnt even have the right to call himself a father, daddy or anything hes a sperm donor.

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hey i am pretty sure one of my friends handed this douche his ass at a party are you in the corbin area?

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