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I am a mom to 6 kids. 3 of them are a set of triplets. they are all 11 and under. my x husband is a business owner that makes alot of money. However He is still behind thousands of dollars in child support. He is to pay $1350. a month and he refuses. The judge does nothing. In fact i have been in court every other month since june 2009 trying to get a settlement. filled over 15 contempt charges and nothing. I dont even have a parenting plan signed. I get nothing for alamony and I was a stay at home mom for 11yrs. I have not got a settlement for anything. My x gets to keep everything, I got to keep my children and he doesnt even have to pay medical. Not only do I have a dead beat dad to my kids but i have a dead beat judge as well. If you are in Wichita,ks and see this man know he has 6 kids he wont pay for even tho he has the money to do it. The reason for the divorce is because not only is he a dead beat dad but he likes to hit women. So now he gets his kicks out of calling child services on me constantly. My attny is even shocked on what this man has got away with. I am so angry with the court system.

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Regardless of what his business turns over, what was his last years personal earnings? A business can incur a lot of costs and (in a lot of cases) leave stuff all profit. So to state/mention what his business turns over is irrelevant.

Family Assistance Payments

Go to the attorney general in your state. A judge has to answer to someone.

how about you get a job

Most single moms do have two jobs one is raising their kids without any help from the deadbeat father. Then they go to work everyday as well. Are you suggesting he shouldn’t have to support his kids, none the less help raise them? GTFO!!!

I feel your frustration Islandgirl. Jace….bite me. Having owned a business with my ex, and being a stay at home mom…that was a 24 hr a day job in itself. I’m sure the deadbeat ex husband in question did not get there on his own. But thats beside the point. He owes the money…so why should he not have to pay. Jace….why do you think he should be excused? Are you the one sleeping with him? Hang in there Islandgirl….Karma


@islandgirl I’m a television producer taping a show on deadbeat dads next week. I’d love to talk to you about your story. You can reach me at 212.419.7413. Thanks! Hope to hear from you.


@ Islandgirl. Your best bet right now, is to get yourself a job. Even if you have to wash toilets for minimum wage, that is what you got to do. Nobody owes you or your children anything. You made mistakes in your life, now you pay for them. You drove your husband away from you, now you suffer and work day and night, without rest, to provide for your children.

Maybe, if God will be merciful to you, he will let another man come into your life, but that’s a BIG if. Now, you have to learn how harsh life is, and taste the bitter, before you can taste the sweet again.

Go to church often, and raise your children with love for the Lord, and one of these days your tribulations will be over. But continue to be obstinate and hungry for unearned money, and you shall be cast in the everlasting fire like fig tree that produced no fruit. Mark my words.

Island Girl: Your entry is categorized under “Alabama,” but state your ex is in Witchita, Kansas. Where is the court order for him to pay child support? Write to the attorney general’s victim services department of that state, and include copies of the order for child support. In Alabama, DHR is aggressive and reliable. You will have a 4-6 month wait due to all the white trash deadbeat dads loafing around honkey tonk bars- it is an overwhelming number. However, it will be worth the wait. Write a letter to the DA of the county where your case is heard; include copies of court orders. Have the letter proofread and make copies of it. Write to the Attorney General of the State, whether Kansas or Alabama.Try again and do not give up. The Alabama Attorney General’s number is 334-242-7300 and ask for assistance. Also, write a letter to the editor of the local paper where he lives and describe your problem without giving names. NEVER GIVE UP. Deadbeat dads owe the state of Alabama over $200,000,000 for Baldwin and Mobile Counties alone. DO NOT STOP.

Hi! My name is Denise, I am a TV producer in LA. I would love to talk to you about what’s going on. Please call me at 323-451-2446 Thank you so much! -Denise

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