Dead beat for YEARS!!!

Posted on : 24-09-2010 | By : nakia9395 | In : Deadbeat Dads


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This is a picture of Shancy (shawn) Laray reid. I have 2 children for him. His FIRST son and his FIRST daughter. This obviously do not mean a thing. He owes over 50,000 in back child support and he quit EVERY job when they catch up with him. After my 2 children he went on to have another son and neglected that one as well. He ran off to Lafeyette Louisianna and had 3 more childre. One of the mothers he deceived into thinking that they were gonna be together and then he fled off to a small town where he had 2 more children. This dude has opened up a computer business called at Mezzo IT consultaning and also Shancys Computer support service where he personally told me about the money he makes. He is living comfortably taking care of someone else kids with a country ass girlfriend with gold teeth! She knows about our children and the others because I have called their home to get my childrens money. what woman is comfortable with a man that dos not take care of his children! BUMS!

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There always two sides To a story, a MAD BLACK Women, i have kids with Shancy whom is not A DEAD BET DAD, WE’re NOT LIVING THE LIFE, AS SOME WOULD SAY, YES I’M COUNTRY AND PROUD OF IT, HOW MUCH STUFF DO YOU OWN THAT NOT MORTGAGE,WELL I HAVE Two. The Bum Messy person in this is the person that trying to slander another, I have a ass of a baby daddy also, but i’m more women to not to put childish things like putting my business on the internet,like that’s going to make thanks happen. If it make you feel good to put other people down then your a sick person. Especially when some one talk about someone they don’t even know. He’s not bum of a dad he have hard time like ever one else. Before you go just all brainless, think about what you say. For you FYI he disabled. Now take this country two gold women , with two houses anot owing no one not even a car note with a computer science degree and come correct.your makeing your self look dum.
Putting a kids father down is the worst thing a female can do,not juswt my word,read a book,google it. Act you age and stop with the childishness.So no matter how you lie and try to make people feel so sorry for you. Look at your self in the mirror and ask your self what have this really accomplish. I have Shancy back until the end of time, he’s a great dad. Last note get a live then you would be all up in ours.!! Insted of slandering move on. I have a baby daddy too, but i would put him out like that this is just the adult side of me. I hope you find your inter adult.

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