Dead Beat Liar!

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This is Ricardo Rangel~Moreno from NC.He has lived in Lexington,NC and also has ties to Cary/Pittsboro/Chapel Hill/Carrboro areas.I met him when I was 16 and we dated a few years and when I was 18 in 2002 I found out I was pregnant w/ my beautiful daughter. He was good not perfect during my pregnancy and promised he would be there and always make sure his daughter had the best and never wanted for anything.At first he seemed like he would make good on his promises,but after a couple of months things quickly changed.His family started making comments of them taking her to mexico and me never finding her.Then he started disappearing and playing games.He finally left and left me with the baby and no diapers or baby formula.My mother drove to his family’s home and he was in the shower and his brother told my mom it was not his place or their place to take care of her.One of the females there told my mom to let them have my daughter.She told me no matter how hard it was we would do what we had to do.Shortly after he started coming around and giving money every week..then it turned to month…then nothing but excuses.When we finally took out child support papers…He called stating he recieved papers and he wasn’t going to show up..And he didn’t.They ordered childsupport and he was paying..After three years he asked for a reduction and my then case worker allowed it.He was paying for 2 1/2 yrs…Then comes him listening to others on how to get out of paying.He quits his job takes me into court and says he lost his job and moving with his new girlfriend to find work.The attorney for childsupport did his work and confronted him with him quitting his job…So the judge said you quit your job..Who pays the bills??His response my girlfriend..Judge said you must feel like a man. Why do you have to move to find a job..Why can’t you stay where you are and find one??He gave no response.So the judge denied his request to terminate his childsupport order.This was May 2010 and after June 2010 he quits paying.We can not locate him because family is lying for him.Feb.1,2011 he paid $40 and March 4,2011 he paid $50.He owes me right now :The balance of past due support owed is $ 3,034.10 on April1,2011 it will go up another $239.00.Three year mark is coming November of this year and I guess he will make a couple of payments until November and hire an attorney and try to lower or stop his childsupport.He is still in non-locate status so they have to serve him before we can get him in and serve him with failure to comply w/ a court order.In all this time he has never came to see his daughter,called or anything.He has kept his location and number a big secret.But my daughter deserves this support!His family has treated me like I was crap because I was white and I guess they happy he on the run since he is with a mexican woman.Please if you recognize him or his lady in this picture I pulled from facebook or know where they work please call Davidson County Childsupport enforcement @:336- 236- 3033 or contact me @ am proud I have a smart, beautiful girl who is 8yrs old in the 2nd grade and Making A’s and doing well.I am proud of how I raised my daughter and she deserves to have this money to help support her!Ladies Beware of this wannabe Playboy sprem donor!He is a good liar of fake and empty promises and his word is as fake as him!

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What a loser”


Proudmom2 and Nofaithinjusticesystem both of you are right.Nothing but a piece of crap loser..LOL! And the screen name nofaithinjustice system is correct!Seems like there is no hope through the justice system.It seems its on the criminals side.

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