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I have NEVER seen someone that was raised with both parents in the home still become a BASTARD like WARREN RICH !!!!
This BUM ASS dude don’t do SHIT for his kids and has the nerve to always want to talk shit about the women that actually PROVIDE AND SACRAFICE FOR THEIR KIDS. He has NOT seen his SON in over a year and get this… this pathetic mother fucker was once locked up and would call once and a blue moon..and he had the nerve to pretend that he was STILL locked up and he would tell OUR SON that “I’M GONNA COME SEE YOU WHEN I COME HOME”. and this no good bitch was home for atleast 3 – 4 months. We found out because we heard the TV blasting int he background and heard another kid in the background. WOW… damn shame.. but he has the nerve to tell me that i can have his d**k when ever i want it! ARE U SERIOUS? #killyourself I don’t want that shit…fuck outta here!!!!
and this bitch is a woman and has nothing to say about her new husbands absenteeism in his 6-8 kids life…
yall !!!!!!!!!

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