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Patrick has four children that he refuses to support. Following our separation Patrick immediately stopped working and moved in with his parents, at age 32. He continued to live with his parents for 3 years. In order to keep our children fed I worked 3 jobs, almost 24 hours a day at least twice a week, while Patrick did nothing. Approximately 6 months after the separation our 6 year old son was diagnosed with cancer. Patrick continued to live with his wealthy parents who supported him as if he were a child and allowed him to stand by and watch all of this, doing nothing to help.

The separation occurred in 2002. At the initial court hearing Patrick’s attorney offered $350.00 per month child support to support the 4 children. He would not even pay that amount and continually holds himself out to be a great guy. Ask Patrick how picked on he is for having to pay that amount of child support per month and he will gladly tell you. LOL! Pathetic!

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This Woman had no less than three different affairs while we were married. Her father came to me on the day of our wedding to try to talk me out of marrying what he called “the most selfish little girl he had ever known”. She is a sneak and a cheat. She is a drunk. she uses her kids as wepons. She neglects them and has emotionally abandoned them. she just has a big hard on because the court system found that she is a lier, a sneak, and a cheat.
Signed patrick burt

also…she is full if shit.

So, even with all of that have you helped support your children? Have you PAID support? Have contacted CPS regarding your children if they are so neglected? Have you in any way attempted to better their overall situation? When your child had cancer how proactive were you?

What does her having affairs have to do with your inability to support your children? I did not see one sentence within the paragraph above mentioning that you pay or attempt to help in any way.

$350.00 a month for FOUR children is INSANE! It costs more than that to feed them. My brother pays $800.00 a month for three. He does so happily. If you didn’t want to support them you shouldn’t have had them. You should have stopped at one.

If you lived with this woman I PROMISE you it would cost more than $350 a month to support 4 children adequately and maintain a household. Nevada tax payers should not have to support your children, YOU SHOULD.

Whooa woman, you sound bitter and frustrated. Buy yourself a new sex toy or something.

You are at fault for being a slut, and you don’t deserve custody of the children. This guy should have full custody and you belong out on the street turning tricks to pay HIM child support.

Hey Jack Ass: Karma is a bitch, so stop slamming parents for attempting to hold the other parent legally accountable for child support!

My Dad does infact pay child support. I have never heard one mean word about my mom out of his mouth. My dad is very understanding and mentally supportive, unlike my mother. I know that my mom does a lot for us like bye us the things we need but it’ all meaterial. She does not help me mentally and tells me bad things about my dad. She tells me that he doesn’t love me and doesn’t care about me and i know it’s not true. My mother does use us as weapons and always gets us kids involved in all of her problems between her and my dad and speaks about him as if he is not human. My dad never does that si why does my mom want to hurt him even though is doing nothing… well, that is something ebven science couldn’t figure out.

typing problems sorry if it’s hard to read…

Thanks Baili Sue Sweetheart. From the mouths of babes. Hey brown_eye…get a clue.

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