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James Daniel Wilson (aka Boone) is a river rat. He spends all his free time cracked out on METH, COCAINE, and or ANY NARCOTIC he can get his hands on, while floating the river! He owes our children close to $30,000 in child support. During the course of our marriage he fathered 4 more children with other women. He doesn’t pay for those children either. His parents bail him out of jail EVERY TIME he gets arrested. They know where he is now and will not turn him in. So my children suffer because HEAVEN forbid they do the right thing! This man stole everything I had and pawned it for drug money, while I was in the Scottish Rite Hospital with my 1st born. He is a 1st class LOSER.

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ill look out for him on the water, and if i find him he will no longer have a raft or boat

If you see him, please call the police! There are arrest warrants in place and my kids need the money this man owes them! Thank you.

good luck getting money from a crackhead 30k? damn its gonna go higher he looks like fresh grown poop

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