Deadbeat Alert: Desmond Shonedell Ozen

Posted on : 24-09-2010 | By : lashawn scott | In : Deadbeat Dads, Georgia


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If you are in the Augusta,GA area…please ladies, RUN away from this loser. I am his ex wife and mother of 2 of his kids.( He has 6 all together by 4 different women…that I know of.) We divorced because he cheated and had another child with another woman who he’s not even with. (Even though he didn’t want to sign the papers until I took it to his job and we were still sleeping togther while he was with her.) But anyway, he doesn’t do a darn thing for his kids. No phone call on birthdays or holidays, but he calls once every rainbow moon. How often is that??? He claims he loves hs kids, but can’t call and doesn’t support them at all. No job because he’s a felon, no car, no place of his own, no money. BAM! I got a winner! Trying to be a rapper and his behind is 34 years old. Boy sit down and grow the up! I started a group on Facebook in honor of him. So sick of my trifln baby mother/father!!! Feel free to join and rant.

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