Deadbeat all the way deadbeat!

Posted on : 09-12-2010 | By : gagurl42307 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Georgia


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Wow! What more is there to say about Durell Brittingham aka CHINO KEYS! Ridiculously, homeboy is a liar, cheater, and most of all a damn deadbeat. Currently, CHINO KEYS is residing in Albany, Georgia where he reps Savannah, Georgia. lol He has a 5 year old not to mention I am carrying his second child. Chino and I had an on and off relationship for 3 years and the whole time the bitch was trying to cheat and dog the fuck out of me after I we had moved together, I was cooking the bitch meals and making sure he was sexed. He lies, he has no money, he is broke as fuck and he uses different females to get up on his feet! So if you predominantly think that this nigga is really feeling you and you are the only one don’t be a fucking fool! The bitch got me pregnant with our son and to top it all off the motherfucker beat and kicked me in the stomach with my child and called the police on me to say that I stabbed him and got me arrested! If that aint a deadbeat I don’t know what! Chino is currently residing in my apartment with my name on it by the way the apartment should be empty as fuck seeming that all my shit was moved out of it when I left Albany to come back to Atlanta. KEYYYYS is the name he goes by, an aspiring rapper with a uprising future so he calls himself. His sex is wack as fuck and if you asked me I worked hard for this damn baby. He has told me he was burning on some shit in the past that he tried to blame his ex girlfriend with giving him; but that shit is probably a damn lie! He’ll fuck anybody that’s willing to give him a chicken box at popeye’s oh yea he a diabetic so when he get to shaking and shivering make sure you have that peppermint real close. Bitches in Albany who think that this nigga is sincere, watch the fuck out! If he can disrespect his babymother like this, what the fuck you think he’ll do to you. Oh yea I will be so happy to get part of that TELEPERFORMANCE check when my baby is borned in 5 months, so nigga be ready to run me my motherfucking money homeboy!!!!

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OK..I was with you until you said the nigga was in YOUR apartment with YOUR name on it. Real talk…you made yourself sound dumb as hell. WHy the hell in in there..can fuck the apartment up right along with your credit????

First and foremost due to getting arrested I had to leave the apt…….my lease is up in january on which i will request to have it turned all over to his stupid ass……so basically no let me correct u, that saved me from getting my credit fucked up due to him staying long enough to pay until the lease was actually up……… no never make myself sound dumb as hell but wanted to do it the smart way…BUT THKS FOR THE comment anyways real talk….

My ex is a deadbeat also, but there is no way I would have a second child with him especially when he wasn’t taking care of the first, before we divorced I made sure his ass was out my house.

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