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This Deadbeats name is Levi D. Loudermilk and his Deadbeat girlfriend is Ms. Jennifer Bowen. He left his family afew years ago and met this woman old enough to be his mother about 1 year later. He hasn’t done anything to take care of his kids. He gets atleast $1400 in disability from the VA because he claims he has PTSD from going to Iraq for 6 months where he cried like a baby every single day. He was a whiney baby before he ever went to Iraq, so the governments just wasting more money. He hasn’t paid his kids a dime since he started receiving his disability. And it was said from a very close source of his, he received $10,000 in back pay from the military when he finally got his disability.His kids didn’t see a dime of it. He even sent the child support agency a notarized letter giving up his parental rights to his kids because he thought he wouldn’t have to pay child support anymore. Then he was dumb enough to email me a copy. Him and his girlfriend are having fun blowing the money every month because neither of them want to work. They just want to blow the money that he should be using to help take care of his kids with instead of supporting her and her kids. I didn’t make these children alone! GET A JOB YOU DEADBEATS AND QUIT EATING YOUR XANAX ALL DAY!!!!!!I hope all of his friends see this and run to tell him he’s on the map.

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FYI, if he is getting money from the VA you can file for an apportenment. I believe thats the name for it. Keep in mind the VA is all about th veteran but if you keep with it you can get something. Also know if he has kids part of that money is for having kids. So check into it. Just know they are assholes at times but you cant give up . If you have an order for child support send it to them.

Thanks for your advice, Forthetheurerkids. I have talked to his caseworker and she is sending me papers to fill out. The only issue is the money goes to him and he has to send it to child support. BUT, in my favor everything is documented so if he doesn’t pay it he will be in trouble with the government. Also, lately it seems like he is putting a little more effort into his kids, but who knows what tomorrow brings.

How dare you write such a derogatory piece about a veteran, who fought and bled for your rights?
Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Wake up!!! Being a veteran does not stop you from taking care of your babies!!!!!I am a veteran but raising his kids……….The law doesnt stop you from paying your child support because your a veteran….Wake up

Since I am a veteran does that mean since he is not caring for them, that I stop taking care of them. NO! it doesn’t. I will be put in jail for neglect!!! But since he doesnt pay his part, then since he is a veteran who served this country just like all the other moms and dads who caring for children with any support..We can’t say derogatory things about them. Have you even thought about the KIDS!!!!! They are the innocent ones here. Forgot the veteran think about the kids….He/She can whip away the bad words but try telling a 7 yr old boy or girl that their parent doesnt want anything to do with them because mommy and daddy’s relationship didnt pan out…. Or explain to them why mommy/daddy is living on food stamps because mommy/daddy doesnt want to help the other parent care for their own child. Jack Boot you need to know not all veterans do the right thing when it comes to KIDs we are not talking about what they have done for our country and freedom. I think most of them needs to take a lesson from the real heros of our time. The ones who fought in the earlier wars. I am sure they took care of their families/kids. So no one is downing our veterans just there actions or their non actions.

First of all Kelly Elizabeth Crabtree….Levi left you because you cheated on him with the Guy your living with now that you have another child with. Levi HAS supported those kids even before it was court ordered. Twice he even sent money to the daycare directly because you weren’t paying them and they weren’t going to let the kids come back. But he didn’t even get credit for that from the courts. And as far as your “close source” (Candace Loudermilk) might want to be careful what you believe from a pedifile. Levi didn’t even get close to that kind of money. Why don’t you also share with all these fine folks all the times Levi has asked to see his kids? And you keep the kids from him but will let his sex offender dad have them for the whole summer because he and his crazy wife pay you off? And the fact that Levi has to “make appointments “to even talk to his kids on the phone?
And at what point did I become a “deadbeat girlfriend “? Are they my kids? And I HAVE been working and helping him send you money.
And by the way…. I am not old enough to be Levi’s…’re just a spiteful vindictive person who is not thinking about her children ….just revenge because he left you.
Now….as far as Levi being a veteran : he served his country which makes me proud. Ungrateful people like you should be shipped to Iraq and be left.

Also…we have numerous texts from you denying visitation and threatening Levi to have your bosses “open a case “on him. And if you’re going to post business online about people…..don’t expect them to just lay down and take it.
Please also tell your aunt to not send emails to me on Facebook. Apparently you’re all very childish and have a mean streak.
You like to tell Levi how pathetic he is and call him names….just remember…..those kids are just as much his as yours. They are made up of just as much him as you.
Levi is a good Guy….no matter what you write about him on here or any other website. He does love those kids. There is so much more I could say on here but I’m done for now.

I do think I want to make one more comment on here to make things perfectly clear. Levi is not a deadbeat dad. He was paying child support even before it was court ordered. He has paid child support since it was ordered. When the order was put in effect……he started off with arrears because Kelley Crabtree lied in court about how much he had already paid. And even though we provided money order receipts….bank statements…..canceled stubs showing direct deposits into Kelley’s account….he did not get credit for the amount he paid over what Kelley lied about. So before anyone else jumps on Kelley Crabtree’s band wagon the truth should be known. Levi is paying but Kelley has always and continues to deny visitation. She has told Levi it’s his punishment for leaving.

AKA MomsRevenge. Lets get one thing straight and we will start with you Jack Boot. Levi Loudermilk is indeed no honorable war veteran. He went to Iraq and cried every damn day on the phone like a little girl begging to come home. Thats not honorable. He was there for 6 months and is cryin and screaming to the VA about PTSD. HOnorable my ass. He got $10, 000 in back pay last year from the VA and didn’t give his kids a dime of it. He blew it on himself and is old bitch gf. He is nothing more than a pussy. ANd for you the old hag deadbeat gf. You know the only side of what Levi Loudermilk has told you. You met him after I had enough of him and threw his ass out. He left in the first place. I never cheated on him. When he thought he was too good for me when we moved back to New Orleans bc he joined a band, he chose to leave. I begged him that day not to leave. I said if you care anything about our marriage do not sleep with anyone else. It took him 2 fuckin days before he was at a band gig, met some old woman and fucked her you piece of shit. Then I met Alex. Its not my fault that he slept with another woman and I lost all respect for him. Then he went back and forth crying like a little bitch to come back. Went so far as to pop many xanax pills and had to be admitted to the hospital. And bc I wanted to save my family bc I took my vows seriously I let him. And then I realized you just can’t fall in love with someone once they have done so much to you. Its not my fault in he is lying to you playing the victim like he always has. Not my problem anymore, thats your elephant of a problem thats all yours. BUT I do have a lovely mugshot picture of him when he committed that battery assault on your kid or was it you. And I did text him a lovely picture of his child support court order of him owing $11,239.36. In fact I texted it to him this morning. ANd now sweetie, I don’t have a mean streak. It’s called Mommas fed the fuck up while deadbeat daddy gets to play house with the old moo cow he is shacking it up with. U got that hunnie. Now leave me the fuck alone or his mugshot and picture of his court order amount will be his next pictures representing him. And FYI I never confided one thing in Candi bc I know what goes in her mouth comes right back out, usually with extra details. I did give the judge the amounts he paid (the 2 payments) and bc he never pays currently he didn’t get a credit for you stupid old hag.

& he was denied visitation bc he wasn’t stable. And we did agree to him seeing the kids 2 summers ago in Kentucky and the only thing that worked out for him was seeing the kids on side the road for 5 minutes bc he cancelled all the times he was supposed to see them you stupid cunt.

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