deadbeat ass hoe

Posted on : 10-10-2010 | By : shaye | In : Deadbeat Dads, Texas


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look at dis no good ass buster all i gotta say is he a lyin ass trifling ass bitch ass nigga who is broke as hell and always try to front for hoes. bitch aint even got a job or a car not even a pot to piss in this hoe gon get his tho and thats a promise nuff said cuz ill b on here all day talkin bout dis scrub ass nigga. im outtie paybacks a bitch.

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Is this buster in Houston? Let me know so I can post to my FB.

he sho is

ok will do. We gotta put these suckers like this on blast so they can’t get other victims as easily.

I dont get it- if he was such a dirtbag, why were you with him?? And I think you should focus more on English grammer classes before trying to knock someone ..LOL

I agree with Nwoode06. I have a DBBD as well but, I did sleep with him so I can’t bag on him too much. He’s made choices that he’s going to have to live with and answer to some pretty hard questions if my son ever decided to contact him. But I have sole custody and take care of him just fine. As far as money, I’m not asking for anything, I shouldn’t have to ask a MAN to financially support his child. I just worked a little extra over time when I could and made sure that my focus was always on my child. But the main thing that I agree with is this spelling. Maybe instead of hittin it with your DBBD, you should have paid more attention in school. Ebonics really didn’t catch on.

lmao smh bitches these days im on my shit are you i know how to spell but thanks for riding my pussy though it is what it is if you dont like it then dont comment

Great, now we have to deal with your lack of grammar and puncuation. You’re on your what? Riding your what? Wow, you momma raised a lady didn’t she. I’m amazed that you didn’t keep your man.

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