deadbeat b*tch

Posted on : 25-09-2010 | By : imangie1 | In : Deadbeat Dads, New Jersey


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this muthafucka never gave me a dime,oh yeah,he gave 50 bucks once,while i was pregnant lol.Anyway,i juat wanna tell y all that my daughter is now 8 years old and he only spent like a week of her life with her and then just disapeared (he s always been a pothead,pillpopper,ccoke sniffing broke nigg*)last i herd he was smoking some crak,but to my big surprise i see this pic on fb,i was like:wtf??!!!! Ibet he has money to pay for the wedding but is hiding for not to pay childsupport,smh….i just hope that stupid bitch ain t payed for the wedding,i heard she works,and it would surprise me that he is currently working,i guess he hit the jackpot stupid ass

p.s:he s from montreal,canadahis name is jean raymond hilaire,he lives herebut he was in jersey a few months ago

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Girl be lucky you got something. I see my son sperm donor and he runs when he see us. He aint done shit for my son and my son make all his kids look good.

girl i think that bitch on that picture left me a damn comment on my page…..stupid dumb hoe she needs to go baq to school….

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