Deadbeat Christopher Carlsen

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Christopher Carlsen has 5 kids by 4 different women. He signed his rights over on his youngest and is $13,000 behind on child support on the first three. He is running from the child support detective on his 4th child because he does not want to help financially support her. He is too busy having intercourse with as many different women as he can. He has a new job every 2 months. He looks for women to live off on. Watch out for Chris Carlsen, ladies!!!

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He looks like a cabbage patch doll but old.

lmao BornSlippy you are too funny , this deadbeat is far to old too be wearing Rocawear

and yall are all stupid i know this man and he is a great father he may have kids but he pays his child support every week and sees his kids every chance he gets one of them even live with him get ur facts straight before yall get on here running it

Chris is not a good father. He went to prision for 18 prison for back child support years ago. And his kids only call when they want something or money. I feel sorry for his children. And be careful, when me and Chris were engaged, he cheated on me and had a threesome with two girls. I ended up getting a STD because of the treesome.

A good friend of mine dated him about 6 or 7 years ago. I know for a fact he didnt take care of his children. He had two then that I know of. Wow! I’m not surprised that he has 5 kids with 4 woman now. He cheated on me friend all the time and lied to her. He is a loser. Those poor children. I’m glad my friend woke up and got rid of that loser!

Ok Sarah Elizabeth Hardin you are such a loser Chris is a great father he pays his child support and tries to take care of serenity but some dumb skank won’t let him even see her you wanna call someone a deadbeat well how bout calling yourself one stupid you killed a baby when u was 16 then u got serenity and u wanna hold her over his head and wouldn’t let him see her unless it benefited u u do drugs and drink and drive and try to put your child in the car while you do u started punching Chris while he was holding serenity then you say ur pregnant again so that u can try and make him feel sorry for u and take ur crazy ass back but in all reality ur the fucking deadbeat that don’t deserve to have kids u kept telling him that serenity ain’t his if she ain’t his then u need to give him all his child support back god u need a life and need to grow up

Ok, Sarah Marie Logsdon. I am tired of listening to your fales accustions. I will gladly take a drug test ANY time and pass. I have never drank and drove. You can check my background check for DUIs. (You won’t find any, BTW) I have a something called a real career. I own my own house, pay my bills and take care of my child. I am an educated women that takes superior care of my child. You need to grow up and mind her own business! I understand that you listen to ever one of Chris’s accustions and side with him with every false lies that he comes up with. But their are two sides to each story and he hasn’t told what really happened. The best thing for you do is mind of you own business and worry about you own children. Some angry management, parents classes, counseling and church might do you so good. I hope you get the help you need. By the way, did you make it past the 10 grade in high school?

One more thing, making fun of someone that had a miscarriage is not a laughing matter. You should be assumed of youself for saying that. Get a life and grow up.

You should be ashmad^

yup bitch my name is SARA MARIE LOGSDON i have a great job and my kids r very well taken care of u do do drugs and u do drink and drive u had that liquid courage when u showed up at my hose at 2:30 in the morning then the next day when u showed up punching chris u r a piece of shit mother that does all this shit in front of ur child u even went as low as messaging a 10 yr old wow u aint any type of woman ill put it as many many people have told me u r a man beast that is a waste of space u wanna say chris aint serenitys dad well get a dna test done or maybe chris should ask for one chris is a damn good dad and anyone that knows him knows that and the other one is u and honestly we dont give 2 shits what u think serenity will know the truth one day and hate u for it and u dont have to have any duis to drink and drive u r such a loser thats y u had to lie and say me and chris jumped u while ur daughter was in the room u gave 4 different stories that u couldnt even keep ur story straight thats y it got dismissed in court cause ur a lying vengeful bitch let chris see her and then u might get sum respect from people till then u aint going to be shit and u can keep telling ur lies

plus spell check does exist u might want to use it since ur a well educated woman

ashamed is spelled like that woman is spelled like that threesome is spelled like that do i need to go on u well educated woman

Ok, Sara Logsdon. It amazes that you laugh and make fun of someone that had a miscarriage years ago. I still have the medical papers showing that I had a miscarriage. I told Chris that to see who he would tell but I have medical papers to show that I indeed have a miscarrige. You are a heartless bitch to make fun of my deceased child. And one day on judgement day, you will have to answer to God for this. Also, if I was drinkin and driving then why didnt the police lock me up but the fact is, I was NOT drink or drink. I was protecting my child as any good mother would do. I never changed my story 4 times. Doris is so doped up on chemo and medications that she stood up in front of a judge an commited perjury which is against the law. Also, Serenity loves me with all her heart. She adores me. I don’t say anything bad to Serenity about her father because children are smart and she will figure it out own her own. After you and Chris jumped me while I was holding my innocent 2 year old child, she was scared to death of Chris and you. Thank goodness I was able to protect her and get her out of the situation of abuse not only just on me and my innocent child because she cimes first.

I don’t have time for your false accustions. Get a life and mind your own business. Me and Serenity have nothing to do with you!!

ok SARAH nobody jumped u if we did we would have been prosecuted but guess what we wasnt y cause u told 4 different lies u a loser and if u had a miscarriage y in the hell would u tell someone that u had a abortion cause thats not some thing to play with and joke about so no matter what we all know the truth and u killed that baby doris is a great woman and she never once lied she told what happened and that was the truth u come in punching chris while he was holding serenity and then me and u fought chris and serenity wasnt even in the house god come up with a thousand more lies u r such a loser that needs to get a life and quit being a vengeful bitch to chris just because he left u and dont want shit to do with u and u say he dont take care of none of his kids then y in the hell would u (a great mother) ha ha ha god thats a joke anyway why would u have a kid with him if thats the case cause u r no type of woman and u know chris is a great father and is always there for his kids u r the one that dont deserve to have any kids u had an abortion and u dont know how to be a good mother u suck at life go suck another one dumb ass

nothing false here bitch i know the truth about u and i know that chris is a great dad and is not behind on his child support he pays it every week ur just a BITCH that wants to play games and hold this child over his head its ok cause the courts will handle it u a waste of air and space get a fucking life learn to spell u well educated woman nasty whore

First of all, Serenity IS my business. Second, you don’t want anything anything about me other then the lies that Chris has told you.When me and Chris were together he told me the same lies about Kelly. It’s just a repeat cycle with him. But like I said their 2 sides to every story. You first assulted me and then Chris jumped in while I was holding Serenity. Serenity had blood stains all over her shirt because I took a beating from you two in order to protect my 2 year old child. That’s what REAL mothers do.

And the case was dropped because Chris drove by my house, rolled down the car window and yelled out the car window that he was going going to kill me if I pursued with the charges.

BTW, Chris is way behind on back support on Serenity. I guess that is another lie that he telling everyone.

bitch ur just fucking stupid didnt no one jump u i beat ur ass on my own CHRIS NOR SERENITY WAS IN THE HOUSE just me u and doris didnt nobody ride past ur house saying shit plus i know for a fact that serenity plays outside by herself all the time and almost got hit by a car twice in one day then someone came and knocked on ur door and u came to the door with a crack pipe in ur hand u r a crack head whore that needs to get a life and leave chris alone and let him see serenity plus when he said something bout a dna test u said go ahead so i dont have to deal with u anymore so that right there is saying he is not the father u r such a loser then u wanna threaten me with a gun bitch i dont care i if u got a gun cause if u pull it u better use it dont nobody care if u got cameras outside ur house cause we dont come over there have no reason to thats y they have courts and he will get his dna test then get to see her if she is his plus i will be saving all the messages that u have sent him from the day u came to my house till whenever ur dumb ass quits sending them we r better than u will ever be just to let u know we r buying a house and me and chris r both well educated as well and we can spell unlike u

plus chris is not behind on child support ur so funking stupid u need to take bout 10 more of ur xanax a day to try and get ur stories together u r a dumb ass loser that needs to get a life

Serenity and Chris were both in the house at the time. Serenity was screaming for me because she was scared of you evil low life trash animals and what you all did to her mommy. Chris was in the house because he started punching me in the stomach while I was being jumped on the floor. Another thing, if i really starting punching Chris, then why didn’t he have any marks? Why wasn’t he checked out by EMS for his injuries? It’s because he didn’t have any imjuries because I never started punching him! Chris did ride by my house and threatened me because I have it on one of my hidden cameras.

And nice try calling CPS on me. When the CPS worker investigated me, he found a well taken care loved child. I told him that you and Chris were behind all of this. He closed the case that same day. He said he didn’t have time to investigate a well taken care of child that is loved, well takn care of and has a great mother when their are really children out their being abused. CPS needs to focus on real child abuse/neglect cases!!! The CPS worker was very upset at you all. He said the next time, he gets a call, he is going to look into CPS harassment charges against you all.

Serenity HAS never played in the road and I have never taken illegal drugs. Like, I told CPS, I will gladly take a drug test. Also, how do you know Serenity was playing in road twice in one day (WHICH IS NOT TRUE)? Were you once again driving by my house, stalker?

Also, I don’t take Xanax. Once again, I have no problem taking a drug test any day!!!

One more thing, I can call the child support hotline 24/7 and get his back child support right down to the penny. And he is WAY behind. Don’t believe everything he says. I made that mistake at one time too.

I never threatened you with a gun, I simply made it known that I exercise my right to bear arms which is the 2nd amendment, BTW.

No since in arguing with u cuz u lie so much u believe ur own lies bitch ur stupid

LMAO. Now you are basically admiting that I am telling the truth.

Also, I have witnesses that will tell everyone that Serenity said that you locked her in a dark closet. She said she doesn’t like Chris or you and never wants to see you or him because she is scared. She told my witness and myself that Chris was mean and he hurt her mommy. I didn’t say one word while she was saying this because I let her make her own conclusions about things without influeing her in anyway. She knows what really happened. She was almost in tears when she said it and them hugged me to comfort her.

Bitch i am not on ur bull shit lies thats y im done ur a lying skank hoe that just needs to die and go to hell u aint telling the truth all u do is lie so there is no reason to argue with ur stupid ass anymore u r all bout drama u aint shit to me u r a whore rot in hell dirty cum guzzler

Look hoe, I am telling the truth. You are just mad because you and Chris jumped me while I was holding 2 year innocent old child. Serenity still remembers it and say she doesn’t like you or Chris and she is scared of you all. I’m not starting shit but after what you did to my innocent 2 year old, hell yeah I am going to speak the truth. The only person going to hell is you and Chris for what you all did to my babygirl by abusing her. I have witnesses that have heard her talk about how much she doesn’t like you and that all hurt her mommy. I’m done with this conversation.

And why didn’t Chris have any marks on him since I supposely started hitting him and why didn’t EMS check out his injuries. It because that never happened. Get your facts straight and quit lying, whore!

Be a real woman and fight someone that isn’t holding their 2 year old child, you sick fucker!

Someone likes arguing with their self lmao

You’re the one that got on here and starting running your mouth as usual. This isn’t about you. This is about my child. Mind your own business and get a life.

I’m not playing your immature childish games. You need to grow up. I have to raise my daughter. You can tell your lies to naive low class low lives that will believe you but I can promise you one thing, no high class person with common sense and intellegence will believe it because they are smart enough to see the lies. So keep telling your lies. I have a daughter to raise. Peace out. Maybe one day, you all will grow up but if not, it doesnn’t matter to me. I’ve a daughter to about it. Go luck. BTW, I work in the medical field and I have heard that the medication “clozapine” works fabolous for patients with schizophrenia, Sara Logsdon. You might want to consider this for your mental issues.

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