Deadbeat Dad Aaron Kolaczyk

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This is Aaron Kolaczyk the deadbeat dad of a beautiful little girl who will be 4 years old in August. He has seen her a total of 3 time since she was born and the last time that he saw her was her first birthday. Numerous times has he said sure I will help out or yea I would love to see her and even when I said I would gladly take her the 5 something hours up north so you can see her and then he bails and doesn’t return my calls etc. His own mother doesn’t acknowledge her. She has not even seen her either. Go figure he lives in her basement too. He does odd ball jobs and works under the table so he doesn’t have to pay anything for her. He was not there for her birth so there for his daughter has my last name. His own brother has been there for her more than Aaron has. So sad. Ladies be aware that this guy is a TOTAL DOUCHE BAG!!!!!!

Aaron, failure to launch come to mind when reading this. Its time you grow up, move out, get a real job, and start contributing to the life you helped create.

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What a douche bag

These are the worse evaders, working under the table and living with an “accomplice” to his willful neglect. As a mother with a son that I pray gets no one pregnant until he matures, I can’t understand how a grandmother can be party to this. Filing criminal “willful non support” charges may be the only option for you. Sorry your going through this and I will be praying for your situation.

Thanks Fakeford. Yea I still do not understand this guy. I never did the drama thing with him because I didn’t want to be this person but what can you do. The true sad part is he himself has a father that was not really around. And for his own mother to not even care shame on her. She even met me once and I offered her to see and meet her own grandchild and she declined. I just do not get it how these people can be so careless. On and FYI ladies he is lives in Volcano, CA.

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