Deadbeat dad abandoned son and owes $5000+ in child support arrears

Posted on : 27-08-2011 | By : Monique | In : California, Deadbeat Dads


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I am 23 and have a 7 yr old son who I have been supporting on my own since I was 15yrs old. The sperm donor, Richard Reyes Campos was in and out of my sons life for a few years only seeing him when it was convenient for him. We had a court ordered visitation rights established in dec of 2007 Richard never followed the order and when he did take my son I found out richard and his ex were abusing him and neglecting him. Richard is 26yrs old he met a 17yr old girl online 2yrs ago and left stockton, ca to live with her in lompoc, ca. He never said goodbye to our son who was left looking out the window of our home waiting for a dad who promised to come and visit him. i found out on myspace he left town he still lives in lompoc, ca working at a mcdonalds over there and just had a baby with his fat disgusting girlfriend. He plays videogames all night, spends all his money on comics and hats, lost his job at mcdonalds and lives off his 19yr old girlfriends parents. He owes my son $5000+ in child support and plans to never pay that. He recently statef on myspace that hes done with the past and the baby he just had is his only child. I pray to god that my son never sees that his father wrote those words and I hope my son finds peace one day and stops hurting over his father walking away. My son isnt a toy he has feelings and all he wants to know is why? Why doesnt my dad see me? Did he forget about me? i miss my dad. I want richard reyes campos to know that I hate you with every fiber in my being for leaving me here to answer these questions every holiday, missed birthday, and everytime he sees other children hugging there father. You deserve every bad thing that comes your way.

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