Deadbeat dad ADRIAN PENA

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Adrian Pena has 2 biological children with Stephanie Mendez. In the last year he has seen his son 3 times for no more then 30 minutes and has only seen his daughter once. The total he has paid for child support in that year is less then $400. (If anyone can raise 2 children on $400 a year please let me know how.) He did not show up for his appointment with the attorney generals office on 8-31-2011 resulting in a scheduled court date. Not only does he not see his children or provide for them he also lied about them. Turns out his current girlfriend had no clue he had a little girl until after she was 5 months old. So if anyone has any information on his location or job status please contact the Lubbock County Attorney Generals office at (806) 767-0521 or Austins Attorney Generals office at (512) 463-2100.

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