Deadbeat Dad Anthony Hubbard

Posted on : 19-05-2010 | By : Crappy Dads | In : Deadbeat Dads


This is Anthony Hubbard… The deadbeat dad I allowed myself to get involved with. This man went missing in action for over a year after our son was born but once I filed for child support he is now trying to drag me through hell in getting full custody or shared parenting for our son just so he doesn’t have to pay. He told me in 1 conversation “ain’t no white man gonna tell me how im gonna take care of my seed”.

Ok so if  I’m understanding this right, this deadbeat dad is finally showing up after he received contact from child support services with full intentions to avoid financial responsibilities. If he thinks that full custody will save him anything he’s got another thing coming. It time deadbeat dad Anthony Hubbard grows up and takes responsibilities for his actions. White man… seed… ill leave that one up to the readers to comment on.

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And your a racist

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