Deadbeat Dad Arthur Patrick Casiano living in Portland Oregon from Albuquerque New Mexico

Posted on : 21-02-2011 | By : monyodie | In : Alabama, Deadbeat Dads


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My son’s deadbeat dad has not seen or spoken to my son since the first week of April 2010. My son has tried sending letters and e-mails to his dad, he requested him as a friend on FB and was denied. Not one letter or email has been returned in ten months. He knows from his mother that my son was in a depression because of this and still did not bother to pick up the phone or send a letter. He is court ordered to pay child support, provide life insurance, and provide health and dental insurance and cover % 100 of medical bills not covered. He has never provided any insurance or paid for any medical or dental needed. He is currently $41,000.00 behind in child support and the amount is growing every month. My son is his second son; he owes over 40,000.00 in unpaid child support to his first son and has only met that child twice in his 16 years of life.

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