Deadbeat Dad – Austin, TX

Posted on : 09-02-2011 | By : justanutt | In : Deadbeat Dads, Texas


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I have been batteling this deadbeat for more than three years. He cannot keep a job, hides behind his family money, gets supported by his family. I have spent over 25K in attorneys to fight him and defend myself! ENOUGH is ENOUGH…. we have got to do something about these loop holes!

William Franklin Nutt II aka, BEAU is a deadbeat dad!

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This is said poster. Please remove this post.

They won’t, It is all about getting $$ from advertising for the crappy website owners of

I’ve tried for over a year after our situation was resolved.

We are in the process of alerting advertisers to this website’s practice of exploitation of parents at their wits end trying to get court ordered support for their children.

Why the hell won’t you be decent enough to let us remove our posts! Website owners of YOU SUCK and you will be exposed!

By my count I have send over 10 emails asking you to remove this posting. Beau is current on his child support. Keeping this on your website is not acceptable especially when the poster is requesting over and over to have this removed.

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