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This is Bret Weissmann who lives in East Dundee, Illinois. I have an almost 6 month old son with him, whom he has never seen nor paid child support for. He also has an almost 3 year old son who he does not provide for either. He is the biggest deadbeat ever who only cares about himself.

We agree, Mr. Weissmann should take some initiative and bless his son’s with loving arms and financial support. Readers keep your eyes our for Bret in East Dundee and if you see him, give him thanks from for his efforts in becoming farther of the year.

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I truely hope that you didn’t know he didn’t take care of the 1st one before you had your own. Not you particularly but how can a women know a man doesn’t take care of his other kids but thinks he is going to take care of hers. Does she think shes special? Different lol I just don’t get it

To be fair…The mother of the child mentioned ( of his 2nd child) was given birth by a mother who led Bret to believe that she was not capable of having children. He THOUGHT he didn’t have to worry about a pregnancy with this child and was clear that he did not desire another child. Should he have taken precautions to prevent pregnancy despite the womans CLAIMS that she couldn’t have children…definitely. Bret has made support payments to the mother of his first child and for some time now, his wages have been garnished and support taken out for both children, so these claims no longer are valid. The fact that he has not seen this second son (he see’s his first son every week) has much to do with not wanting to encounter the mother.

To be fair…. you have to be doing something wrong to end up on a website dedicated to crappy dads.

Sure things can change over time, i mean it takes a lot of skill to dodge child support indefinitely.

From one crappy dad to another crappy dad’s (and this is only an assumption) mother.

excuse me, steve.
i told bret the DOCTORS told me i may have trouble having a child because of a cyst that ruptured on my ovary. ME AND BRET PLANNED THIS BABY. We had unprotected sex many times to concieve and were disapointed when i took the first pregnancy test and it was negative. the second one i took was POSITIVE and we were shocked because i didnt know it would be so easy, but happy. BRET then decided he didn’t want to have anything to do with me or HIS SON and left me three months pregnant even though we were engaged. you know nothing about our relationship so gtfo. bret has not paid me A PENNY for noah. Child support is starting June 9th, and he owes me support from noah’s birth. So to write on here that he has paid me ANYTHING is a lie. and bret doesnt see noah because he is a DEADBEAT like this site shows him to be. A real man and a real father sees his kids and takes care of them no matter what. steve you have no right to type anything about me because bret gets his “fathering” abilities from you.
good day.

this is the most childish website I have ever been on. and for this man to have a 3 yr old already and for you to lay down with him and plan a birth makes you just as useless as this boy. your comments are appauling and you sound so uneducated and so useless as a parent state the facts and only the facts not you opinion and lies to make yourself look better.and why would you post your childs name on her…


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