deadbeat dad, child molester, women beater, this guy has it all

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justin wright aka jo wright of cincinnati ohio, where to start well he raped and molested his own brother and sister from age 11 to 14! finally his sis told and he went into “thearpy” at 18 his case was closed! his family lied about all this to his girlfriend for 3yrs. only reason she found out was when they went to court! same girlfriend he abused for the 3yr’s they were together and because of him hitting her she lost their first baby and her living daughters twin. very sad. when the girlfriend was 8month pregnant she caught this dude cheating on her,,, with men he would met on craisglist! thank god she left him! let him be there for thier childs birth thinking it would make him man up, no he took off after refussing to sign for the baby, told the babby momma he would make her life hell if she made him, so 2weeks later walks back in their lives, buy’s 1 92count of diapers, 1 16oz fourmal, and a paci, says he’s the best dad in the world ha! goes back to abuseing her shortly after, finally in dec 2009 he got made she had to leave and go home wih the baby ( and because she wouldn’t sleep with him) so he hits her while she is holding their baby! so she cuts all ties and beg’s his parents to help her which at first they do ( also they have only seen their grandchild 3times, becasue she called them and made them see her some grandparents) then dec 19th he tries to break into her house and kill her and the child, thankfully a neighbor called the cops, so she goes downtown and gets a restraining order, same day the deadbeats dad calls her leaving her a voice mail ( that she still has and i have heard) saying this baby isn’t his son’s and blah blah, fine. jan 6th 2010 justin wright agrees to 5yr restraining order and pleads guilty to DV on his ex. 4days later he pleads guilty to CPS to child abuse on his daughter!! shortly after this guy join’s the national gurad and leaves only to come back and start crap. him and his family have been saying crap like my friend and her baby died, that they moved away, that he is going to take the baby from her, bunch of crap, even funnier when he has a new girlfriend he deines the child is his and is cheating on his current girlfriend still oh and he just found out he has a nasty STD ( only found this out because his good friend called the ex girlfriend and told her to get tested, she already had and knows she is clean, hasn’t been with this guy in over a year) him and his family sit around lieing about this girl and he baby and doing their drug’s ( they all smoke pot and justin take’s pills) the grandparents deny the child, justin changes his story all the time. watch out for him ladies he has it all

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I’m soooo glad to see new ones up , but Wow i don’t know what to say about this one Thank God he’s a deadbeat if i were you i wouldn’t want him near my child

yes i thank god everyday he is not in my childs life and will never be in her life!! way to go deadbeat


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