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Chris Kirby is a deadbeat dad who owes thousands of dollars in child support.  Since he is a coward, the British citizen fled back to the UK in order to not pay the child support that he was ordered to pay in the US. Not only was he ordered to pay child support, but was also ordered to help pay for his child’s health insurance, etc.  He is a real LOSER.  His daughter is now two years old.  He abandoned her when she was just 5 months old.

Chris, we don’t need anymore deadbeat dads in the US, thanks for leaving. Mom, keep doing the wonderful job raising your beautiful daughter, your so much better off without this bloody Britttish twit.

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The United States (except Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, and the District of Columbia) and Great Britain have Reciprocal Maintenance Arrangements.

It shouldn’t cost you anything to chase his ass for the child support he should be providing. It is a long process, I’m 10 months into it but have heard of cases lasting more than 4 years.

I’m just at the stage now where I actually don’t care what he has to pay but I’m just happy that he can’t be sleeping easy at night because he is being chased for money by the governments of the country his children live in and the country he lives in.

Google REMO for more info.
Also this may be useful to you

Thank you. I have already begun the process as well. Because the deadbeat refuses to provide a valid mailing address, it is a bit difficult. So, support enforcement is using his parents’ address in the UK. It is a long process, but I plan to nail his ass.

My ex has fled to England as well – he owes us over $68,000 in support – we did try serving him but his parents lied and said they haven’t seen him in years – meanwhile they set him up with an apartment and helped him get on his feet – please let me know what is working for you if anything.

Girls…keep the pressure on. The UK authorities are known for slacking off…hence, the tremendous number of deadbeats strolling around the pubs of England. However, this past July, Prime Minister Cameron wrote an article (on Father’s Day) saying how deadbeats should be treated as criminals and compared them to drunk drivers. So, who knows…perhaps enforcement has changed over there. These losers will eventually be caught some day. And, when they are, they will go to prison. 68K in arrears? That’s a lot. Hopefully, the authorities over there will find these losers.

Let me know if you need it still

Iknowhisaddress: Wow! I actually got the child support order registered in the UK so the authorities know where he is, but of course, the deadbeat isn’t paying. I appreciate you reaching out, but I was wondering how do you know his address? Do you know this loser?

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