Deadbeat Dad Corey Smith

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Corey Jacob Smith- 31 years old. 2 Kids/2 BabyMoms

He can’t hold a job, says one thing and does another. He’s an Alcoholic that pays no child support. He has an 8 year old daughter and a son on the way. He’s been a good father to his daughter in the past but can’t hold up the routine. He’s been working and blowing his money off on friends and bars. He lives with his mother in San Marcos, California. He doesn’t have a car and doesn’t know the first thing on riding the bus. He’s a free loader and will make you pay for the dates he “takes” you out on. Expect that you have to drive so it’s more like you’re taking him… The best part is he’s a registered sex offender and doesn’t tell anyone. Even after getting you pregnant he won’t tell you however, one of your friends will and when you confront him he’ll leave it to his mom to explain. He’s gotten another woman pregnant in between the 2 baby moms he already has and you’re next!!

Watch out for this Raging Alcoholic sex offender because you may be next on his list. Believe me… it’s the last thing you need!!

Yes ladies stay far away from Mr. Smith, a registered sex offender is no one you want to be seen with. Besides, do you want to GO on a date or TAKE someone? Oh and this picture is perfect for Corey, kudos to the photographer.

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This is so sad beyond words. Thanks for outing this guy and I hope some where along the line he gets a legitimate job so you can recoup something. But dangerous psycho like this need to be in prison. I hope all young ladies read this and realize that no matter what excuse a parent gives for not seeing/supporting his kids, that is a read flag to RUN LIKE HECK in the opposite direction.

Okay!!!! Women use your fucking brains and get some self esteem… First off you knew he didn’t have a car or job before you opened your legs “assuming” you knew him…. If not slap yaself for being a hookawhore and sleeping with someone unprotected that obviously you didn’t know…. Well hell slap yaself if you did know him too… because obviously sweetie you have NO STANDARDS… Secondly you were paying for ya’ll “dates” and picking him up for them… So you know the fool is broke and then you wanna bitch about the shit you accepted… I want you to take your hand and slap ya self in the middle of the forehead because bitch you just had a “you should’ve of had V8″ fuckin moment…. OMG!!!! Shame on dead beat dads and in most cases the dumb ass broads who knew they weren’t shit to began with… then wanna act all surprise that they still aint shit… Ladies higher Standards and step over shit and keep it moving!!!!!

“You’re next!”
haha I am not that stupid, sorry!

Amen purexstacy03! You saved me having to say what you did. lol

Wow she sure knows an awful lot about his life? Is she stalking him? Usually people who will hurt the dad through the kids is a psycho. What about the other half of the story?

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