Deadbeat Dad Gary Hobbs

Posted on : 27-05-2010 | By : Crappy Dads | In : Deadbeat Dads


The name would be GARY PAUL HOBBS-27 yrs old who has a three year old little boy who will be four in August! Never had a relationship with his son but did manage to pay some child support for almost a year… but go figure no longer does ANYTHING!!! What I will never understand about the sorry excuse for a man is, he himself is adopted as been shown love form someone who didn’t have to love him and he can’t show the same affection or even help his own FLESH AND BLOOD!!!! However I’m sure he prob. has beer in his fridge-with no care if his child’s needs are being meet!!!

Your probably right, there will be beer in his fridge. We can tell by looking at his face he cares about no one. Garry, eventually no one will care about you, including your amazing son.

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Sometimes I wonder is their a “deadbeat parent” gene? Seriously is it linked to psychopathy, the ability to not care about others you are responsible for?

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